My Family

My Family

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A trip downtown

A couple weeks ago we took a visit to the Museum of Science and History MOSH.  We have a season pass which has come in handy.  The MOSH has a new exhibit called A T Rex Named Sue so the boys were pretty excited to see the dinosaur.

Of course when we arrived, the YMCA had decided to bring all of their day campers to the MOSH so it was a little crazy and we only did a few things.  We went up to the see the new exhibit

It wasn't as big as last year's dinosaur exhibit, which was great.  This one was ok.

This was Sue

Trevor loves the astronaut

 Brody loves to go through the Time Travel section so off we went.  He about has this section memorized and is able to tell me all about it each time we go.

After about an hour in the museum, we were done.  I thought I would just let them have ice cream for lunch which we could get across the river at the Landing.  Brody has been wanting to ride the Skyway for quite some time so off we went.  The Skyway is like a monorail that takes you from one side of the river to the other and it's free.

They thought it was pretty cool to be going over the river especially since just a couple of weeks ago they were in a boat on that same river (thanks to Adam and Stephanie).

When we arrived to the Landing, we were quite disappointed because the ice cream place wasn't open.

I guess they didn't open until after lunch - it was 11:45 but come on some people may want ice cream early.  Oh well, we all settled for ICEE's and I think the boys were pretty happy.

Waiting on the Skyway to come pick us up.

It was a very fun day with my boys and I love spending time especially when they are on their best behavior.

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