My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 12, 2012

End of camp

Thursday, July 19 was our last day of Upward Camp in Africa.  The kids were so excited - of course they wanted to keep coming.  We had awards and certificates for them.  After story time everyone split into their teams and gave out each player's certificate and medal.  You would have thought we had given them $20.  They were so excited.

Some of our girls

Jason and one of his players.

We also brought candy and snacks to pass out to our players.  They did so well standing in a straight line waiting on their candy - no pushing or shoving.

We then had our camp at Nord Foire.  Jason and his team with 3 boys named Mustafa.

 At that end of the camp we gave the basketballs to the Coach at Nord Foire.

Our translators

It was such a great week teaching these kids not only basketball but being able to show God's love to them.  I'm sure when the next group goes over to Dakar some of these little kids will come up and show them their medals and will still have their shirts.  Truly amazing to see how God shows up and works.  These kids were such a blessing to us.

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