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My Family

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The night before

OK so I was little excited about Brody starting school the next day - all the school supplies and lunch to get ready.  So it wasn't just him excited, his mama was too.

I went back and forth with the pencil box thing.  He found one in Target that was Star Wars and yes he thought it was cool.  However, I thought it was a little small, so off I went to create something different.  I bought the cheap .97 pencil box at Wal-Mart and after my GREAT Silhouette Cameo was put into use - here's the outcome.

I was so happy with it, but the test would be if Brody liked it.  Boy did he like it, he couldn't wait to use it.  That makes this mama proud.  Of course all of the supplies inside with his name on them - just in case :)

Then we put together a little Survival Kit for Mrs. Proffit.  Brody helped pick out the stuff to go in it and even picked out the color of the container - hope she likes pink.  After bringing out the Silhouette again (I LOVE this thing), here's the outcome.

When Brody saw the outcome his comment was "Mrs. Proffit is going to like me the most when I give her this".  Well, that wasn't the purpose of this so we will need to work on that a little with him.  But I thought it was funny.

Of course with school comes a new evening schedule with trying to get everyone in bed earlier.  The weather was so nice outside that night that I let them play some and when Jason got home from work, Brody got the idea to take his training wheels off to try and ride his bike.

He still needs some work, but it was a start because he has never really wanted to take them off.  I guess it's a sign he is growing up.

I asked what dessert he wanted that night and of course it was ice cream sundaes - easy peasy for this mom!!

Thankfully Brody is not a picky eater so he plans to buy his lunch quite a bit but there are days that he will take his lunch.  Of course the first day I packed his lunch.  I struggled with what containers to use inside his lunchbox because I really like the separate compartments.  After the first day though, this container didn't make the cut because he couldn't close it very good.  I also learned a lot about what not to put in the fridge the night before.

Brody was in bed by 8:45 that night and was so excited for this new step in his life.

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