My Family

My Family

Friday, August 31, 2012

Draft x2

Sunday morning as we were in our Bible Fellowship Group class with our Seniors.  Some of them saw a picture I had posted on Facebook about our draft the night before and were a little disappointed they weren't invited.  One thing led to another and the next thing we knew we were having another football draft at our house that night.  The house was still set up from the draft the night before so sure why not?

We were using this as a way of outreach for our class and try and get more students to join us.  It's amazing to see the differences in the classes each year.  This year we have a lot of guys who love sports so this seemed like a great way to think "outside the box" and get students who wouldn't normally come to a "church" event to come to a fantasy football draft.

We had 14 students and 3 of those were visitors so we felt it was very successful.  The kids had a lot of fun picking their teams.

And eating :)

So Jason and Randy have a team together along with the girls.  Well, we girls kept telling Jason and Randy they needed Tebow on their team.  Even though they already had 2 quarterbacks they made us happy and drafted Tebow on their team.  So, our team name is Somewhere over the Tebow - catchy huh?

Here are the girls who were dedicated and came out to a Football draft

Of course by having a party at our house means the kids' toys come out.  Trevor took to Crista and had her playing all kinds of stuff before the party started.  She has now become part of StormTrooper from Star Wars.

Wii time between Devin and Brody with Tyler watching.

It was such a great time and I pray that our kids have an awesome year and will always keep God first in all they do.

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