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My Family

Friday, August 24, 2012

Youth Beach Day

A couple of weeks ago our church had our annual Global Impact Celebration.  This is where missionaries from all over come in for a few days to help us understand more about what they do and will hopefully one day go and help them.  We had missionaries from right here in Jacksonville to all the way from Africa.  It is a great time for us to learn and possibly encourage them in what they do.

The Saturday of that week, the youth had our GIC event at the beach.  It worked out so well last year so why change anything.  The plan was to have volleyball set up, but it was a little too windy so we had to go with the flow and come up with our own version of some Olympics.

 Setting everything up.

Look at all of those kids.

Now just like last year we had to deal with the weather and pray that it wouldn't come our way.  Wow how God works because the storm was definitely coming right towards us - look at that sky behind us and the storm ended up going out to the sea instead of north towards us.

Getting everyone ready for our Olympics.

We had each age have a team of 4 and we did a relay.  When they got to a certain point they had to put the baton to their forehead and turn 5 times.  Talk about funny.  I wish I could have gotten the picture right after this because Tanner (on the far right) went down right after this.

I love this picture with all of the youth sitting around and we were singing worship songs.

What a wonderful time we had sitting out in God's creation and worshiping Him.

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