My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our last day out

On the Wednesday before Brody started school, we I had a few errands left to run before Brody started school.  The boys were actually ok with running errands since I told them if they were on their best behavior at the 3 stops then they might have a surprise afterwards.

So after Target, Kohl's and Famous Footwear, oh yeah and CFA in the car we were off to the surprise - Chuck E Cheese.  I remembered there were about 16 tokens left in our car from the last time we went there so I thought it would be a good way to give them something fun to do.

Oh yeah, they had fun along with everyone else.  However, we did go right around lunch, which I guess wasn't the best time to go.  Oh well, they still had fun.

Free tickets from the big ol rat

After about an hour they had accumulated around 60 tickets and this is what they got for those tickets.  Yeah, 4 pieces of candy and a spider - what a deal.

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