My Family

My Family

Monday, December 27, 2010

A jumping 4 year old

To celebrate Brody's birthday, we rented a jumpy house and had an To Infinity and Beyond Party - Buzz Lightyear style.  We were quite busy once we got home from the Callahan Christmas parade - all the last minute preparations but thankfully Jason's brother and his wife were visiting so they were a huge help.

The big jumpy house was delivered on Friday so Brody and Caleb had a little early start and what a blast they had.  The kids were so excited and had so much fun bouncing and sliding.  The slide was VERY slipery so the kids would fly down the slide.  Some of the adults even got in on the fun.

I think there may have been a rule of 1 person at a time but oh well they had a blast.

Don't let the picture fool you - he wasn't sleeping.  Baylie and Brody were pretending to be in Andy's house sleeping.

The adults had their fun off to the side.

Trevor even joined in on the fun.

I think for the past 8 months Brody has been saying he wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake so of course I was trying to come up with something cool to make.  I think it turned out pretty good - Brody liked it which is all that counted.  He wanted to try and throw a loop in it by saying he wanted Zurg and Woody on it, but I wasn't about to stress over that so Buzz it was.

Toy Story stuff was the big gift this year of course.  I have never seen so much Toy Story stuff but of course Brody loves it and we are very thankful for family and friends who love Brody so much to come and help him celebrate his big day.
Walkie Talkies from PoPo - he loves them.

Love the facial expression - he gets so excited.

Nini just had to replace his light up Buzz shoes.  I'm not a big fan (yes, call me crazy but I just don't care for light up shoes).  I give in and let him wear them to school ONLY!!

We also had a Buzz Lightyear pinata so the kids swung away and on the 2nd round Kameron (Jason's cousin) had it on the ground and off the kids went for the treasure. 

Such determination to knock it down, which is what happened.

We thought the weather wasn't going to cooperate with us and was going to be REALLY cold, but it ended up being a beautiful day so we ended up having most of the party outside.  It did get a little chilly that night but we were a little prepared with a fire pit for warmth and of course roasting marshmallows.

I think Brody had a blast in his jumpy house so I would call his party a success.  Wow at how fast they grow up.  He's already planned his next 2 birthdays - we'll see if it stays the same.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Callahan Christmas parade - none like it

The morning of Brody's birthday party, the Callahan Christmas parade was going on.  Nothing like trying to fit it all into one day.  Daniel, Jessica, & Caleb drove down the night before and stayed with us so we all packed up for the parade and met Jason's mom and sister there as well.  The place was packed and difficult to find a spot for all of us to watch it.

We weren't sure how Trevor would do since he wasn't feeling so great and had been running a fever for a couple of days, but all of the boys did great and Bradyn even met up with us to watch it.  Trevor really wanted to just run out in the street so it was difficult to contain him.

Of course Trevor has to snack and Aunt Jess to the rescue.

The kids had a blast which is all that counted.

A little decorating going on

Jason and I were not quite sure how our tree would last this year with a little 15 month around the house.  We were sure our ornaments would all be broken which is why I tried to put non breakable ones on the bottom half and we decorated the tree once Trevor went to bed.  This is how we did it when Brody was little and Brody never touched it, however, we know Trevor is VERY different.

This was the first year Brody really helped decorate the tree.  He was a huge help.  He helped Jason put up the lights and then helped me put up all of the ornaments.  Jason ALWAYS does the lights - I would be all sold on buying a fake prelit tree just for the lights, but Jason does them and does AWESOME job on it so we continue purchasing a real tree. 

Brody was so cute as he would open up new ornaments he would ooh and aah over everyone of them. 

While we put up ornaments, Jason played with the camera settings and got some great pictures of some of decorations and favorite ornaments.

Larry is always on the tree even if it's the back

 Allye thought she would help

 We got this ornament when we went to Africa on our first missions trip.

 This is my favorite piece of the Christmas decorations.

So Trevor only touched a couple of ornaments which was pretty impressive.  He hasn't even touched the presents yet.

Our finished product
Here are a few pictures of Brody and Trevor's tree in the playroom.