My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week of Relaxation

Last week we packed up what seemed like the entire house and headed to Crescent Beach in St Augustine.  We rented a 3 bedroom condo with my parents.  Jason was going to have to work a couple of days but at least we were close enough for him to have the opportunity to do that.  We arrived to the condo late afternoon on Saturday and to say that the boys were excited is an understatement.  They immediately found their bedroom which had 2 twin beds and a tv.  Oh yeah, they thought they had hit the big time.

Our days consisted of going to the beach in the morning.  I  had to persuade the boys to do this because they just wanted to go to the pool.  Seriously, we have that at home.  Thankfully they gave in to their mom and we hit the beach in the morning.

One reason I love Crescent Beach is because they usually have great tidal pools when it gets low tide.  There was a great tidal pool right in front of our condo that was perfect for the boys.

Thankfully Brody was so good about wearing his hat, because he loves to constantly wipe the water off his face so the sunscreen doesn't stay very long.  I knew the hat was the only way to protect his face for an entire week.

This is one of the best reasons to stay at the beach because they can get as dirty as they want and they don't have to get back in my car!!

They loved it the few days that Jason was there with us.  He was so good because 2 of the days he stayed on the beach with us for about 5 hours each day.  We definitely made the best of it

Brody found a friend, Joseph, by about Tuesday who helped going to the beach a little easier.  Joseph was the same age and only lived about 15 minutes from our house - ironic, right?

These boys got along great.

After the beach we would head to the pool for a little swim before lunch and nap.

With the Olympics starting while we were at the beach, Brody watched a lot of swimming which were his favorite events.  While he swam in the pool, he tried swimming the butterfly which I thought he did pretty good at since it is the hardest stroke. 

When the boys weren't swimming or playing outside, here's what was going on.

Sleeping wherever or whenever he can after 5-6 hours in the sun.

Catching some sweet time with Nini reading books on the patio.

Listening to Nini's Nook.  This was definitely one of their sweet times.

The great thing about this condo is that it is on the 1st floor and there is a grass area right in front so the boys can play.  

Trevor was not wanting to give up the kickboards that belonged to the kids next door.

Papa had just gotten there and he had missed his Papa.  It may have also been that Papa had brought gummy bears :)

Jason had taught Brody how to play War with a deck of cards so the next day Brody was showing Trevor how to play.  It was so sweet, even though I caught Brody cheating a little bit :)

I absolutely love our week at the beach.  I really wasn't sure if it was going to happen this year due to Brody starting Kindergarten.  We opted to go during the summer instead of having Brody miss to much  school in September even though it would have been cheaper in September.  The boys had such a great time and I hope this will be an annual tradition because I always remember going to the beach every summer with my parents.  What a great memory.

My sweet boys on the day we were leaving.  We had such a great time and I can't wait until next time.

What a great way to end our week at the beach - only the sun set.  I just couldn't get up early enough to see the sunrise since the Olympics were on and we were up until about midnight every night.

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