My Family

My Family

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Trevor

We left the beach on Friday which was Trevor's birthday.  He turned the big 3.  He was so excited for it to be his birthday.

Where do I even begin to start telling about Trevor, TMan, Trevster.  He definitely keeps us laughing, shaking our heads, and turning our heads so he doesn't see us laugh.

A little bit about my little T Man:

  • He is full of energy
  • He is usually always smiling
  • He is ALWAYS talking
  • Loves his sleep and is sleeping about 11 hours a night with a 2 hour nap during the day
  • Still a terrible eater, doesn't like to try anything new so he goes to bed without dinner about 5 nights a week (per the doctor - they'll eat when they get hungry)
  • Some of his favorite foods - poptarts, pb&j, turkey, cheese, crackers, gold fish and of course GUMMIES
  • He is swimming a little without his vest
  • Potty trained except for naps and at night
  • He is VERY stubborn and doesn't like to listen
  • He knows his ABC's and count to 13
  • He LOVES the bad guy song from Star wars
  • Trevor is definitely the life of the party and will make anyone smile
Of course I can't believe my baby is 3.  He is growing up too fast.  This is my last year with him home before he heads off to PreK - I might get a little teary eyed here!!

Since we were having his birthday party on Saturday, I felt we still needed to do something on his actual birthday.

This is all it takes for the little man to smile.  We headed to Winn Dixie and one of the employees found out it was his birthday and gave him a LONG strip of stickers.  He was so happy!!

 Happy Birthday to my little man.

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