My Family

My Family

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buddies at the zoo

A few weeks ago, Trevor and I took his buddy Tucker to the zoo for the day.  Everytime these 2 boys see each other they hug so they were so excited and couldn't wait to spend the day together.  I picked him up at 9:30 at his daycare and we were off.

We fed the giraffes and it was the cutest thing to watch these two giving the giraffes lettuce.

It didn't take long for them to start asking for food, but thankfully I came prepared with none other than pb&j's.

After a full belly they were ready to play.  Up and down this slide and through the nets they went.  I was so thankful that it wasn't crowded because the boys were all over the place and since there was no one else there I didn't have to worry too much.

Of course they wanted to ride the merry go round

To close out the day we took a ride on the train and they were so good and had a blast checking out the animals.

I was very impressed with how well these 2 did together.  They had so much fun spending the day together so that I am sure we will be doing this again soon.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A crazy 3 year old

I know I have blogged about Trevor and his eating habits before but it is really necessary to do so again because it is driving us crazy.  I have never heard of any other child who has these type of eating habits.  Yeah, there are people who always say, their child is so picky and only eats chick n nuggets and mac n cheese.  Well here are a few specifics on Trevor's eating habits:

  • He can never sit still during a meal.  He would rather be playing and just graze from his plate all day.
  • His favorite lunch food is pb&j
  • He loves lettuce, turkey, cheese and crackers and quesadillas
  • Dinner is not a very enjoyable time at our house.  Trevor never seems to want to eat when it is time.  We have started giving him only water to drink at dinnertime.  
  • He won't even try foods.  He acts like he isn't hungry until about 5 minutes after he gets down and then he wants a snack.
  • We have cut out all snacks during the day unless he eats his prior meal.  This of course doesn't make him happy.
  • Most of the time this will help him eat his meal knowing that he won't get snacks.
  • We have decided to make him sit at dinner and eat - no going to his room or going to bed early.  That didn't seem to be a punishment for him - sitting at the table was!!  However, it is painful for us (mostly Jason) to sit there the entire time to make him eat.  Trevor even gets to the point like he can't hold a spoon or fork - crazy!!  It is so frustrating.
Since Trevor likes lettuce, one day I decided to put some baby spinach on his plate as "lettuce".  He loved it and ate it like crazy.

Trevor is enjoying picking out his own clothes.  Since we mostly stay at home and then just go pick up Brody - his clothes are fair game as in the outfit below.

Such a cute face !!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A good day for a boat ride

One Saturday after Brody's basketball game, the weather was beautiful and it was a perfect day to go for a boat ride.  Thank goodness for Adam and Stephanie who had the boat and invited us along.

We rode for a couple of hours and saw some beautiful houses on the river - some were so big that we even thought our 2 families could live together and still not even see each other.

The kids loved going really fast.  They also ate and ate almost every snack that we brought.

Brody was so excited that Adam let him drive the boat.  He thought it was the coolest thing ever.

This huge war ship was clearly on the top of Brody's list as pretty cool - can't you tell by his grin.

Trevor made it for the first hour or so and then passed out.  That was some good sleeping and oh so sweet!!

 One of my favorites!!

At the end of our trip, we rode up on a few dolphins playing.  One came so close to the boat and actually made us jump a little.

What a sight!

We had such a great and relaxing time on our boat ride and the boys loved it.

100th Day of School

January 22 was Brody's 100th day of school.  This has definitely become a big deal lately because neither Jason or I ever remember celebrating the 100th day of school.  Mrs. Proffit decided to have all of the kids wear these really cute 100the day monster shirts.  All the kids brought in a colored shirt and the googly eyes.  A few of us mom's came in one day and hot glued all of the eyes on - whew what a task but we finished and they turned out so cute.

On the 100th day of school, Mrs. Proffit had a ton of different crafts and 100th day activities to do with the kids - thank goodness for the 3 or 4 parents who were there to help.  I really don't know how teachers especially kindergarten teachers do it without parents to come in and help.

My station was the 100 fruit loop necklace.  Well, only a few kids were able to finish because it took a little longer to put together then expected.  They had to group 10 of each color together and thread them on a piece of yarn.

Other stations were roll a dye 100 times and mark what you roll, make a crown with 100 stickers on it, flip a penny 100 times and mark if you get heads or tails, and a couple of other stations.  The kids had so much learning all about 100 and now they start counting down to 1 for their last day of school.

Attack of the Squinkies

Thanks to Trevor's good friend Ava, she got him hooked on these little tiny soft toys called squinkies.  Everytime we would go to her house, the 2 of them would play with all of her girl squinkies.  He loved them.  Well, thanks to Ava's mom, Stephanie she knew exactly what Trevor was getting for his birthday back in August - his first pack of squinkies.  So the saga begins.

Of course for Christmas he received 3 more packs of these little squishy things.  I guess I am to blame as well, but he really does love them and plays with them all of the time.

One day Trevor decided to line up all his squinkies and my oh my at the line.

I'm sure we have lost several along the way and it's amazing where some of them turn up, but he usually always will have a couple with him at all times.

Brody vs Baylie

Brody and Baylie play on different teams in Upwards, so this was the first time they would be playing against each other - so they thought.  We were short a player and Baylie's team had an extra so Baylie was sweet enough to join our team to play.  She guarded Colleen the other girl on her real team.  It was so cute to see Brody and Baylie on the same team - even though last year it was really funny watching them guard each other - they have definitely improved over the year.

Introducing the players and Brody is running through.

After the game - Baylie as a Sidekick for the day.

After the game, the kids have been begging us to blow up one of their Christmas presents from Nini - a Giga ball.  Thank goodness for the air compressor because it would have taken forever without it!!

The Giga ball is a huge ball that you climb into and walk around or roll down the hill - aka drain fill as we have down here in the south.  Brody climbing in

Trevor ready to push



Trevor's turn

Of course once Jason and I went inside, they decided to both get in and roll around.  They love this thing and I'm sure they will get into lots of trouble.

CFA Craft Night

Jason has started playing basketball on Tuesday nights at a nearby church gym.  This happens to be the same night as Chick Fil A has their Kids Night.  Stephanie and I decided to take the kids to eat and enjoy the craft before the game.

The craft of the night was making a bird - 3 little birds!

The kids seemed to enjoy the time and Stephanie and I enjoyed some great adult conversation.

It was then time for the basketball game.  It's always interesting taking my boys to the game.  We try to watch the game but somehow they seem to always venture to the stage area in the gym and hang out at the steps - and of course even though we tell them not to they end up on the stage.  So you hear a lot of NO, come down, don't throw the car that far, etc, etc!!

One Tuesday night all of the kids were there - Brody, Trevor & Ava,  Bradyn, and Devin and Ryan's 3.  That was an interesting night for sure - not even sure who won that game because it was a little difficult to watch the game.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Time for some Basketball

Brody has been so excited to start playing basketball so when the time came for Upwards to start up this year he was definitely ready.  Jason is the coach of Brody's team the Sidekicks and there are only 5 boys on the team so everyone gets to play all the time.  Of course we were a little nervous this year in hopes it would not be a repeat of the crying year we had last year.

The Kindergarten teams practice for 30 minutes before their 30 minute game each week.

The Sidekicks

Prayer time before the game

 Game Time!!

The rules in Upwards is that each player on the team has a different color armband and are supposed to only guard the other team's same color arm band as they have.  You can see Brody below guarding #15 in white.  Let me just say, it is very difficult for the the person Brody is guarding to get a shot off because defense is definitely Brody's strong point.  There are times when we have to tell him playing defense is not grabbing or holding the other person.  For the most part he just stays right on them and is relentless.

Brody's first game was a huge success and thank goodness there were no tears.  He made a couple of shots which is always a plus and dribbled very well and of course played some awesome defense.