My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rainy day play!!

What do 2 boys who aren't feeling so good do on a rainy day?

Finger paint (very humid outside so my camera fogged up and they are only good for 1 picture)

Not too bad - I was thinking it would be worse.

Eat homemade blueberry popsicles in the garage.

Play with baby lizards

Oh yeah, a fun filled day at our house.

A weekend getaway

This past weekend we packed up and headed to Palm Coast for a beach weekend getaway.

We stayed at Hammock Beach Resort which had everything you could ever want - beach, pool, golf and food.  It wasn't just one pool - more like 5 pools - one with a 3 story windy slide and one with a sand entrance and even a lazy river - a great place for 2 boys.

Enjoying the big slide.

Enjoying the pools.  Brody loved to jump through the water fall.  He was such a big boy.  Trevor wanted to jump just like his big brother but he thought twice once he got up there.

While daddy played golf one afternoon, we headed to the sand pool.  They thought it was pretty cool to have sand next to the pool.

We spent a lot of time near the lazy river.  Both boys loved going around and around - Trevor mostly spent his time jumping off the side into the lazy river.

Of course we always had to have snacks and leave it to Trevor to find them and ALWAYS want some.

This was the new thing for him to do and of course Trevor wanted to try.

While Jason played golf, I let the boys play in the big open area and we were Jason's cheering section as he approached the 18th.

Of course we headed out to the beach a couple of times as well.  The resort had chairs & umbrellas so no need to drag ours at which was a relief.

We had a wonderful weekend besides the fact that both boys were feeling under the weather.  Brody fought a fever all three days, but thankful for Advil.  Trevor woke up Sunday morning with croup.  That is the scariest thing ever.  He had shown no signs of being sick but woke up coughing a little bit and then all of sudden was having difficulty breathing.  Thank goodness for Carither's "What to do before you call the doctor" because it said to open the freezer and let him breathe the cold air in and then take him to a hot steamed up bathroom.  Thankfully this worked and he seemed ok for the rest of the day.  However, we decided to come on home that morning instead of playing in the pool.  The boys slept all the way home.

This could definitely be a place we visit again.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a difference a vest makes!!

Well, Trevor didn't do so well with swimming lessons - not really sure why.  So we just decided to try it on our own for the rest of the summer.  One day last week we thought we would put Brody's vest from last year on him and see what would happen - WOW!!!  I couldn't believe it - he was jumping off the side and going under and swimming to the edge.  He liked to play "monkey see monkey do" with his big brother - whatever Brody did he was right behind him to try it.

Our little dare devil

 Belly flop...

Now that he isn't scared to go under, we have occasionally not put the vest on him and made him swim - he's doing better but still not there yet.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I LOVE my days off

Last Friday, I decided to venture to the downtown library with the boys.  They were having story time so I thought the boys would enjoy it.  Brody was pretty excited about going to the library.  After some time trying to find a parking spot we ended up in a garage paying $6 because you could only park an hour at a time for $1 - that stunk!!

Oh well, we finally made it to story time.  When we got there it was a few minutes early so there was a talking owl talking to the kids.  Then it was story time and it was really for kids up to 3 but what do you do with the older child so I threatened mine to be on his best behavior and he stayed.  Trevor was pretty good.  It was very interactive and she read about 3 books and they sang some songs.  By the end, Trevor was wanting to sit next to her on the stage.

We were then off to craft time.  They were making food necklaces - so of course Trevor wanted to eat the food which was pretty stale.

They were having another story time but I didn't think Trevor would make it through another so Brody decided to find some Star Wars and Transformers books.  He was loving it and so was Trevor but I don't think the library workers were going to love Trevor (he was taking books off the shelf and putting them on the floor or anywhere he wanted to put them) so we left shortly after.

I was in an adventurous mood so we ventured off to Sweet Pete's for some ice cream.  Oh yeah, we hadn't even had lunch yet - my kind of lunch.  I had heard some great things about this place and I knew the boys would love it and boy did they.  We shared some ice cream and then I let the boys pick out a small bag of candy to take home - it didn't last long (about 5 minutes).

I think the boys had a great time and of course Brody loved the Star Wars books so I'm sure we'll be going back.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Time for Jumpoline to go

A couple of years ago, my mom purchased this Jumpoline from a garage sale for $5.  She just knew at the time Brody would love it.  Well, Trevor had never seen it so one night while I was gone to a baby shower and Daddy was in charge, the jumpoline made it's appearance.  Needless to say, the boys LOVED it.  It must have stayed out for over a month.

Well, last week it was time to say goodbye and put it up for another time.  For some reason Brody wanted a picture in it (deflated) with Trevor before we folded it back up.  Yeah, this is right when they got up one morning - love the bed head.

Spiderman times 3

I know this is strange to say but Brody actually ENJOYS dressing like Trevor - not sure how long this will last but I'll take it.  He wants to try to make sure they have the same type of pj's on at night or same type of shirt on around the house.  Take for example a couple of Sunday's ago after church.

 Brody picked out his Spiderman shirt and wanted all the boys to wear theirs and then wanted a picture which is why he is actually looking at the camera.

I tried to explain that this was him telling me "I Love You", but he ensured me that it was Spiderman spinning his web.

Mom's of 2 boys... do I say more

Sometimes us mom's of 2 boys just need time to get together and chat to realize that we aren't the only ones going through stuff.  So, last week I invited Tara & Janan over to mom's pool for a day of swimming with our boys.  Tara and Janan's oldest boys', Jude & Tyler, are the same age as Brody.  Janan's youngest boy Tucker is the same age as Trevor and then Tara has Tate who is only 6 weeks old.

Brody was pretty excited to have a day of swimming in the pool with some of his buddies.  They had a blast throwing anything and everything in the pool and trying to find it or have their mom's go in and find them.  My mom stayed around and played babysitter for Tate which I'm sure Tara was thankful for because I remember those days and I would have loved it.

The boys got along great and swam for almost 3 hours and had some lunch too.  This was a great way to get them to take good naps when they got home - swimming is the best way to tire them out.

3 buddies

Tyler making his rounds around the pool.

Showing some Spiderman signs.

Jude giving a peace sign.

Tucker just wanting something to eat.

Us moms had a great time of chatting because we don't seem to have a lot of female adult conversation.  It's so good to hear that I'm not the only one struggling with issues of having 2 boys.  I realized that it's normal and I was so encouraged.  I can't wait until we get together again and maybe one time we'll just have a mom's day out and let the dad's keep the kids.