My Family

My Family

Friday, February 27, 2009

Game Night

Last Friday night we had some friends over for a game night. It was a blast. There were about 8 of us and we rocked out on Guitar Hero for awhile showing off our not so great talent. We must have heard La Bamba about 15 times and still NEVER got through the entire song.

After showing off our talents on Guitar Hero we tried a new game Jason bought me for Valentine's Day - Loaded Question. It said it was a quick game but I guess with the 6 of us who played we weren't very good and it took us quite awhile to get through it. However, it was a fun game and really good to play with people you know.

Here's a couple of pictures from our fun evening.

Even Kinley wants to be a rock star.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This year our Valentine's Day started out with a nice handmade card from Brody earlier this week - with the help from his babysitter, Jessica. He was so proud of his card.

My little Valentine.

It was nice this morning to not have to worry about getting up and going anywhere so we decided to make omeletes for the first time. Brody didn't wake up until 9:30 - he is such a good sleeper. I sure hope this next one will love their sleep just as much. We are definitely spoiled. Brody even helped put the cheese inside the omelette. Yes, a little dropped on the floor but Allye was so excited to devour that cheese. Being the first time for omeletes we realized afterwards that we used too many eggs for each one - 4. We were rookies!! All in all, they turned out pretty good. As with most of food I cook lately, I never really want to eat it once it finished - the joy of pregnancy. Here's a picture of our lovely creation - OK I know it's not that pretty.

Brody's VDay present - Elmo book, animals, PEZ, and chocolate. For some reason he was giving his chocolate to his daddy - he should know that his mommy is the one who eats it - but maybe he wants to make sure there will be some left for him to eat.

Instead of going out, which Jason and I seldom do on the actual Valentine's night - too crowded, we cook our own meal. This year it was steak, baked potatoes, and steamed vegetables. My favorite for dessert - chocolate cheesecake. This was a new recipe and Brody had to help yesterday by eating the contents off the spoon - so my child. UMMMMM good chocolate.

Helping daddy grill the steaks.

Brody also got involved with coloring Jason's present for him. What a work of art.

Jason and I were remembering back to our very first Valentine's Day together 15 years ago - wow it's so hard to believe it has been that long. We were both in college at the time and had only been dating for about a month and we only saw each other on the weekends. He picked me up at JU and had a rose and a card waiting for me - he was so thoughtful. I on the other hand was not the thoughtful type and I'm not much of a card person so no card or anything for Jason. I did feel pretty bad - thank goodness he didn't give up on me back then. He brings it up occasionally now how I didn't do anything for our first VDay together. He still didn't get a card this year but of course I did. He took me to the Tree Steak House that was in Arlington. If you've ever been to the Tree you know that they come out and go over all the choices of steak but when they we were done - I ordered chicken. I'm not much of a steak eater. We laugh at it now but look at it this way - it's usually cheaper.

So, 15 years later we have a nice quiet (ha ha) steak dinner as well but not out in a fancy restaurant and add on a 2 year old. It's been an amazing 15 years together - coming up on 8 of those being married. I am so excited to what God has in store for us for the upcoming years.

Friday, February 13, 2009

An afternoon at the park

On Wednesday, it was definitely time for a much needed Target run. I absolutely love that store and it seems I go in their with just a few items on my list and seem to come out with a cart full. I just don't understand - it's all stuff I NEED - of course. Brody loves to go to Target. He does so good as long as their is food for him to eat - he had pretzels, his gummy snacks, cookies and his drink. As soon as he gets in the cart he is so quick to pull out his food.

For his great behavior and it since it was a beautiful day out we went to Boone Park after our Target run. He loved it and is getting better with being on the playground. He ran all around the park from one thing to another. It was such a nice day until we had to leave of course. He screamed and did not want to leave - that may have been because it was well past his nap time.

Allye's new jacket

The past couple of days Brody has thought Allye needed a jacket and has taken the arm rest covers off our couch for Allye to use. Allye has been a good sport about even though she does try to run from him but he's a persistant little fellow. He loves her so much but she really doesn't want much to do with him.

The other night Brody wanted Allye to be very comfortable while she ate so he moved her bowl to her pillow and made sure she didn't have to move to eat her food. Allye loves to grab a mouth full of food and go drop it on the carpet and eat it from there. It was the cutest thing ever.

Hide and Seek

Brody has a new game of hide and seek and of course it's in my closet. He thinks it's a great game.

Monday, February 9, 2009

13 weeks

Last Wednesday, we had our 13 week checkup - I however thought I was only 12 weeks so that was a nice surprise to find out I was a week further along. Our doctor has her own sonogram machines onsite so we actually get lots of pictures of our baby. This is our 3rd appt and we have pictures from each visit, which makes our visits even more exciting. This visit we were told to bring a DVD to record the sonogram. I tried to get the video on here but it was WAY too big so you all won't be blessed to see it. Sorry!!
Everything is going great with this pregnancy so far. I am still VERY tired at night and am slightly cranky - Jason might tell you VERY cranky. I am sure hoping this ends soon. I remember with Brody that it was like overnight after 12 weeks that I regained my energy. This time around it is not like that so far. Maybe it's because I get up at 5:30 AM 3 days a week but don't get to sleep until about 11:00PM - not good for a pregnant girl. I LOVE my 2 days off - I at least get to try and catch up on my sleep.

Here I am at 13 weeks and counting

New Pictures

I hate to admit this but I seldom change my pictures in my house. Once I get a collage of pictures done and framed it usually stays that way for many years. So, when I found this really cool wall frame online I really wanted it to try and help update our pictures on our wall. I am very proud of how it turned out. These are Brody's 2 year old pictures as well as our Christmas pictures. Kari Vennard took them and I think they turned out pretty good - even though all Brody wanted to do was run around.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's official

After a record short doctor's appointment with Dr. Egan, she told us that Brody had an infection in both ears and an infection in his eyes ( the lovely white gook coming out of his eyes). We are now on our first time ever taking antibiotics - which I can't believe we went 2 years without.

He is such a trooper. If you remember back to the post about his 2 year old checkup - it was NOT a good visit. I just knew this visit would be worse seeing that he wasn't feeling so great. Jason brought him to the doctor and I met them there from work (Jason has been great through all of this). He stayed for the visit because he didn't think I needed to deal with him by myself being pregnant - so sweet. Brody cried a little when he had to take his shirt off but let them take his temperature - 99.5 and he even got on the scale like a big boy. Dr. Egan asked if Elmo or Thomas was in his ear so she had to look and see if they were. Brody was so smart and pointed to his Thomas shirt to show her that Thomas was right there. He was GREAT!!

She said we should see improvement within the next 48 hours. I can't wait to have my baby boy back to normal. He is also getting very stir crazy being inside with the rain and cold. It's time to play on the playground. I actually made a slide in the house today just to help him burn off the energy when he has it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

One sick boy

We have been very blessed so far in Brody's 2 years for him to not have been too sick. Well, Brody has now been running a 100 - 101 fever since Friday of last week off and on - the longest ever for him to be sick. It shot up to 102.9 once during my parents watch Saturday night - isn't that how it always happens!! I felt terrible that I had left him and the fever jumped so high. Thank goodness my parents especially my dad is such a care taker and is going to make sure that Brody is well taken care of - even though he just had surgery himself.

Poor little man is so pitiful. Of course the camera happy mom tried to take a picture to document this but he wanted nothing to do with the camera so no picture.

Thank goodness someone told us about Motrin "Berry juice" because Brody was having nothing to do with Tylenol. We tried the Meltaways but "Brody not like that candy" and we tried mixing the Tylenol in with ice cream. He was not falling for it. I was beginning to get worried that he would never take medicine. Who likes to hold down a screaming toddler and squirt medicine in their mouth??

Jason actually stayed home from work today since our babysitter also got sick last night and was unable to make it. I think tomorrow it's time to call the doctor and see what they say. I'm sure there will be more to come later.