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My Family

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Popcorn Wall

Brody is loving Kindergarten, which I am very thankful for.  So far he has had very good days, however, one day Mrs. Proffit asked him if he had a good day and he said no.  I think she was a little shocked and asked why.  Brody's response was "we did too much work".  Now this was on day 3 of school.  I was a little nervous about what was to come, but so far he has done ok.  Of course his favorite is recess, but with all of this rain we are getting, they aren't getting much time on the playground.

At the beginning of the year in Brody's folder was a list of sight words the kids would need to know for each 9 weeks - 4 each week so about 32 for each 9 weeks.  I asked him if he could read them to me and off he went to reading - all 3 nine weeks, so about 96 words - read with no problem.  Wow!!

Well, every Friday they are tested on the sight words for the week.  After the first week, I saw he made a 100 and he quickly said "this girl said the 2nd week's words".  I knew then he was the typical boy and wasn't speaking up to Mrs. Proffit that he knew them too.

Well, last Friday was the 2nd week's words test and during the day I had this picture on my Facebook wall:

Brody had made the Popcorn Wall.  This means that he said all of the words for the 1st 9 weeks and now he gets to have popcorn and a movie.  He was very excited and so was his mom.

We are off to a great start!!

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