My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snowcones, Pizza & Smores

Yes, we've been doing some healthy eating in our house lately.  These were a few of our summer bucket list items.

Snowcones are a big favorite around our house.  I bought the snowcone maker about 3 years ago and it has been a huge hit.  For about $25, it has saved us so much money.  Because when the kids want a milkshake or ice cream after school, I can say how about a snowcone and they quickly change their mind so bring on the $5 or $6 savings.

We also made homemade pizza even the pizza dough.  We received a bread machine for a wedding present and I use it occasionally and especially use it for pizza dough.  The boys love helping make the pizza and Trevor for once finally ate a piece.  He is a TERRIBLE eater, he never tries anything new.  It is hard for us to understand because he likes bread and cheese so what is the big deal about pizza?

After pizza I decided to try out smores.  I had seen on pinterest where you can use a sterno can to make smores so we gave it a shot.

Well, it didn't turn out completely how I had planned but they each had a few bites.  I think the big marshmallows weren't the best to use even though they are meant for smores but they are TOO big.

Of course they couldn't pass up a little running around in the yard.

I love these summer nights and being able to play outside especially when the mosquitos aren't too bad.

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