My Family

My Family

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cookin' up Some Fun

On Tuesday, September 23, CES held a Parent Night with the theme of "Cookin' up Some Fun".  For some reason Brody decided not to go, but Trevor was pretty excited about it.  When we arrived the place was packed.  The teachers paired up and put together a booth centered around food/cooking/ etc and giving us parents ideas on how to incorporate learning at home in a fun way.  There were so many tables with lots of cool ideas.  They really engaged the students and most of the tables Trevor came away with something to eat - which was a win win for him.

Learning to spell words using ABC CheezIts with Mrs. Brown

Learning fractions using graham crackers with Mrs. Maddox.

Making a pasta bracelet with Mrs. Janan which helped us learn to count.

Putting together words (toppings on a pizza) using suffixes with Mrs. Ray.

Cookie math with Mrs. Proffit.

He also made edible play dough, made a grocery list, played hopscotch and many other things.  He had a blast and we came home with lots of new ideas and he came home with a full belly.

A new Jag season

Another Jag season comes with hopes for a better season than last year, but it is not starting out good for us.  It was going to be pretty warm on September 21 so Stephanie, Ava and Debbie weren't going to the game so we had some extra tickets.  Keith, Bradyn and Brody were able to go to the game and the boys were pretty excited to spend the afternoon together.

Before the game we decided to check out Food Truck Alley and it didn't disappoint.

When Brody goes to the game, he always makes a point to run through the obstacle course.

Hoping for a great or maybe just a win for the season.

Grandparents Day at CES

On September 12th the Kindergarten class at CES celebrated Grandparents Day with a little breakfast, craft and song.  Stephanie and I thought it would be a nice idea to have a photo booth set up so the kids could have their picture taken with their Grandparents.  We also decided to make the food for our class.  Mrs. Brown asked for like cookies and donuts but we thought we would do a little more - Go Big or Go Home was our motto :)

Little fruit cups with sugar cookie as the cup and we also had donut holes, cheese ball, muffins, and cinnamon rolls - yes we had a lot of food, but it looked so nice.

When the kids came in they all sat in the front and sang a little song for the Grandparents.  Let me just say it was a packed cafeteria.

Nini and Trevor

Stephanie and I were VERY busy for the entire hour and half taking pictures of EVERY Kindergartner and their grandparents.  We had about 145 pictures we developed and sent home with the kids.  I think it went over very well.

Happy Grandparents day to B & T's awesome Grandparents!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

My sweet Grandmother

My Grandmother was one of the sweetest ladies I know.  She had a tough life and didn't have a whole lot in terms of material possessions but you would never know it.  However, she was blessed with family and friends who loved her and that meant the world to her.  She was always giving to people - mostly her vegetable soup, cornbread, home grown vegetables or anything else she decided to cook or grow.  Oh my was she a good cook.   She could grow anything.   I tried to learn some of her cooking techniques and recipes but I don't think I did a very good job.  She never really had any recipes written down, so it was extremely difficult to make her food just like her.  She would always say "just a little of this and a little of that".  She was always working in her garden and she also had a few "pet" lizards.  She would always talk to them on her front porch and their name was always Pete.

The one thing her 2 daughters have tried to recreate is her dressing.  I think they have it pretty close, but it took a lot of practice!!

After accomplishing so many "I want to do this before I die",  my Grandmother passed away on September 8, 2001.  Some of those accomplishments were walking down the aisle (not in a wheel chair) at our wedding, going to one last annual family reunion (her family was very important to her), and one more birthday.

Towards the end of her days here on earth, she was not doing so well and didn't really know what all was going on.  She had 24/7 care at home.  We weren't really sure why she was still hanging on (besides the fact that God wasn't ready for her yet).  The only thing we could think of was she was really wanting to celebrate her 83rd birthday on September 26.  Well, on September 7 we gathered all the family at her home and had a "birthday party".  We even sang Happy Birthday to her while she lay in bed.  It was one of the sweetest times (even though we weren't being very truthful).  However, I think that is what she wanted - all of her family gathered together one last time because on the morning of September 8 she went on to heaven to be with her Savior!!  We laugh at the scenario now that she entered heaven and realized that she wasn't 83 and was going to be mad at her family for celebrating early.

She was such a sweet lady and I know she would have loved my boys.  I always wish I could ask her how she disciplined my mom since my mom and Trevor are so much a like.  She is deeply missed but we always have such fun memories of being with her.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Enjoy each moment

My heart is heavy right now as a little boy in Trevor's Kindergarten class lost his mother in a tragic car accident yesterday.   She was on her way to pick him up from Run/Walk club where he along with Trevor were running.  Tears rolled down my face last night as I tucked my little boy into bed thinking about that poor little boy who wouldn't have a mom to tuck him at night anymore.  As I walked Trevor to class this morning the same thing came to mind - he will no longer have his mom to walk him to class.  It's never easy to go through anything like this but for a 5 year old - oh my goodness I can't even imagine.

As I read my morning devotion and I spent some time in prayer, all I could do was cry for this family and ask God to give them strength during this difficult and tragic time.  I prayed that God would show me how to show His love to the family and the little boy.  I prayed that I would stop taking every moment with my boys for granted because it could be our last.  I prayed that God would help me be the mom they need and at the same time be the mom they want to be around.  I prayed for God to be real to my boys and they would have a heart for Him and a heart for others.  This was definitely one of those eye/ heart opening times with Jesus this morning where I felt him really speaking to me and I pray I won't forget it.

As you read this blog, enjoy every moment you have with your kids and family - Make Them Count for God and with each other!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trevor sayings - September

Of course most of Trevor's sayings happen at school and when his clipped gets moved.

- One day Trevor got on yellow - yes yellow.  I couldn't believe (well maybe I could).  I asked him what he did to get there and he said he couldn't remember the first one to move him to the bottom of green.  The next clip move to yellow he said is because he said "boomlakasha" (not sure where this came from) as he was walking to the carpet.  Of course this didn't sound right so I had to ask Stephanie to ask Ava why he moved his clip.  Her story was that he wouldn't stay seated on the carpet during carpet time.  Now this sounds more like it.  Thank goodness Ava is in there to keep him straight.

- Mrs. Brown was passing out graded papers and she passed out one to a girl next to Trevor and it was an 89.  Trevor said "that's not good".  Mrs. Brown quickly corrected him and said hers was good too.  He then says "Not as good as me".  It may have been the truth, but we took as a teachable moment of when to keep our mouth shut!!

- Trevor has started taking AR  (Accelerated Reader) tests and unfortunately is not doing so great.  We are struggling but trying not to make too big of a deal out of it, but at the same time explaining that he needs to focus on doing his best.  He has made a couple of really low scores answering only 1 question right.  One day he answered 3 questions right - which still isn't that great and so I was expressing to him that this isn't very good and we need to do better.  He says "it's better than a 33"  Well, yes Trevor it is!!

- Trevor asks "Does God like the Gators?"  Jason's answer "Yes, He does.  The sun is orange and the sky is blue". Trevor thought that was awesome!!

- Trevor informed me that he knew where rain came from "God is in heaven and walks around with a huge bucket and pours it down".  No need for meteorology here.

- One night he couldn't go to sleep and he said he couldn't go to sleep because he didn't have recess that day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Being a SAHM has its advantages

One of the benefits of being a stay at home mom is being able to volunteer in my boys' classes.  I really enjoy doing this because I really don't know how the teachers have time to do all that they do and still have a family so I don't mind lending a hand when I can.

The first week of September I was able to volunteer in Trevor's class for the first time.  He was really good, which I was shocked because you never now how your own children will be when they see you in their class.  He would just wave or say "Hey Mom".

I also get to have lunch with them on days that I volunteer so this day I had 2 great little lunch buddies.

When school started Stephanie text me and said "since both boys are in school now you might have some extra time so do you think we could make this cake for Ava's birthday?"  Haha - sure no problem.  So later that week I hung out at Stephanie's house for a few hours and we created this Frozen "masterpiece" for Ava's Frozen birthday party on Saturday, September 6.  Even though I felt it wasn't perfect, but Ava seeing it for the first time and saying it was AWESOME, made it all better.