My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A VERY busy Saturday

We arrived home from our cruise on Friday, December 5 and had Brodys 8th birthday party to prepare for the next day.  However, we first had our towns annual Christmas parade.  The boys were asked to ride on the Brandies Ace Hardware float with Ava and Hunter (his grandma works at Ace). 

Since Stephanie was going to be the only adult on the float with 4 kids plus Liam, I thought I should probably ride to assist.  Well, Adam was driving the float so Jason rode in the front with him.  A family affair!!

Ace did a great job on the float.  I thought it was very creative with gingerbread men as ninja turtles and then there was Olaf in the front.   We even had a gingerbread smell being sent out from the float. 

The boys were so excited to be able to ride and couldnt wait to throw out the candy.  We only had a couple of oops!! –  we lost a gingerbread turtle half way along the parade route.  Thankfully someone ran out and grabbed it up so we could put it back on – that was my job of holding these guys on.  All the kids were so excited to be able to see their friends watching the parade.  We always thought they would miss watching the parade, but after seeing how much fun they had I dont think they missed it at all.

Disney Cruise - Final day - A VERY SAD DAY!!

Friday morning we were up early around 7AM to exit the boat.  Poor Trevor was so not ready to leave since he didnt move through all of the loud announcements telling everyone we have docked and it was time to leave.

One last picture before we left the boat.

To recap, I can surely say that this was one of the best trips we have taken.  Jason had a little concern before we booked it because of the price and he thought the boys would rather go to the actual Disney park instead.  However, he asked them when we got off the boat which they would rather do and they picked a cruise with no hesitation.  

Yes, it was on the high price range but it was definitely top notch and I will say that it will be very difficult to cruise any other cruise line now that we have cruised the best.

The boys are already planning their next one.

Disney Cruise - Day at Sea

Thursday we had our day at sea so we decided to take advantage of all the boat had to offer.  Our first stop was the little mystery scavenger hunt they had all around the ship.  You would find pictures on the wall and they would come to life when they put a card in front of it.  Their task was to find out who stole the expensive paintings.  The boys had a blast going from one end of the boat to the other and from the bottom floor to the top finding all of the hidden paintings.

My parents actually watched 2 movies while we explored the boat.  

We watched a very cute little Diaper Dash.

Our last dinner on our cruise was at Animators Palate.  This was definitely my favorite restaurant. 

Crush came out on the screens on the wall and chatted with the guests – like Talk with Crush at Epcot. 

Our wonderful wait staff for our last night and the boys last ice cream desserts.

The boys were dying to go to the club area for their last time so off they went.  We saw that the characters were out for autographs one last time in their Christmas attire AND the lines werent long, so mom took off to pick up the boys from the club.  I realized we didnt have Mickey and Goofys pictures and autographs so this was a great time for it.

One last towel animal. 

It was a very sad night for us since we were leaving the next day.  None of us were ready to leave.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Disney Cruise - Pirate Night

Sailing away from Castaway Cay.

After cleaning up from Castaway Cay, the boys were so excited to get all dressed up.  When planning our cruise, I wasnt really sure how much people really dressed up for Pirate Night.  From what I read it could be both extremes.  Also, I wasnt sure if we should wear our costumes to dinner or just change after dinner.  However, I found out that we should go ahead and wear them to dinner – glad we did because everyone was in costume. 

Thankfully the boys already had pirate costumes so we didnt have to buy anything.

My plan was to make Jason a pirate shirt using my Silhouette, but I wanted a backup just in case so I found a pirate shirt before we left.  I ended up making the shirt and was very happy with how it turned out.

Dad didnt come too prepared so he ended up wearing the shirt I bought and it all worked out great.  I of course wanted our picture so we actually got it in front of the Christmas tree since there was no line for this.   

Some scary looking pirates - my boys are the only ones who have the pirate look going on.

Tonights meal was back in Royal Palace but the menu was different – all with a Caribbean flare. 

One cute pirate.

That evening the pirates took over the ship and then there was a big dance party AND fireworks at sea.

Of course my boys werent too much into the dancing but we still made them TRY to enjoy it while Mom, Jason and I really got into it.