My Family

My Family

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Star Wars Weekend Day 2 continued

Since we were at the Disney Parks in May - it was quite hot!!  We decided to head back to the hotel to enjoy the pool and rest up for Magic Kingdom that night.

The boys were pretty excited about the slide.  They must have gone down it about 20 times.

Enjoying hammock time

Resting up for MK that evening.

Off to MK.  Thankfully it wasn't too hot and was overcast.  It started raining a little at one time, but it wasn't bad.

 Except when the rain got close enough with a little lightning and they closed Dumbo of course as soon as we got to the front.

Trevor was really hoping he was tall enough to ride Space Mountain, but he fell a little short.

 So while Brody and Jason rode, Trevor and I ate Mickey ears!!  I felt so sorry for the poor guy.

Thankfully Jason doesn't mind the teacups because I can barely even watch them.

One big reason we were so excited for this trip was the brand new roller coaster opening at MK - 7 Dwarf Mine Train - which the first day running for guests was the day before we were there.  This is a BIG deal for the MK.  With the new fast pass program, I was able to reserve our fast pass about a month or so in advance - thank goodness because the wait was about 2 hours.  We were so worried that the storm was going to shut it down but we got there just in time and it was really good - but not quite a 2 hour wait good!!

Since my boys don't really care for fireworks, I don't get to go to the front of the castle to see the whole nighttime spectacular so back in FantasyLand is about all I get.

We left the park around 11:30 and of course the kids were exhausted and ready for bed to get ready for our big Star Wars weekend on Friday!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Star Wars Weekend - Day 2 - Galactic Breakfast

Several years ago we went to our first Character breakfast and after the bill came we said that would be our last one so hope everyone enjoyed it.  Well, who knew Disney would come out with a Star Wars Galactic breakfast.  Thanks to Stephanie for bringing this to my attention.

We didn't tell the boys about this and thought it would be a great surprise - however, I have come to realize that it is probably better to let them prepare for things so go ahead and tell them.

Our reservations were at 8:15 so it was before Hollywood Studios opened.  As we walked towards The Sci Fi theater, the boys really had no idea what we were doing except going to eat breakfast.  When we arrived they could kind of see Darth Vadar and Boba Fett right in the door way waiting!!  They were not quite sure what was going on.

Let me say that Darth Vadar creeped me out - he was huge and scary.  Thankfully the boys weren't scared.  This was well worth the price of admission since to get a picture with Darth Vadar is about a 2-3 hour wait.

You are then taken to your seat which is a car so you can watch clips from Star Wars!!  Yeah, ALL my boys were happy!!  Not sure how much my younger 2 ate because they kept watching the clips.

We received our menu - an unlike the buffets - you order from the menu, but can have whatever and however much you want.  I couldn't decide between the banana filled french toast or the eggs and bacon so our waiter brought me both!!
Loved the Yoda melon!!

Blueberry milk

Of course my boys loved this plate of danishes - and their mom did too!!  They thought it was pretty cool to be able to eat the C3P0 - which was white chocolate.

As we ate and watched movie clips, different characters came around to take pictures.  How cool is that?


Jawas - These little guys would come around and try to take stuff from you.

I'm not sure exactly how the boys felt about the breakfast, (hopefully they liked it) but after over an hour in the restaurant they were ready to go.  I know they enjoyed getting to see the characters - so it was all worth it!  So off we went to ride Star Tours at Hollywood Studios.  We couldn't get any fast passes because we already had them booked for Magic Kingdom that evening. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Star Wars Weekend - Day 1

On Wednesday, May 28, we all headed down to Orlando for a few fun filled days that revolved around Star Wars weekend.  Our first stop was Typhoon Lagoon.  We have visited Sea World's Aquatica and loved it so it was time to try out Disney's water park.  The boys were excited and I was too :)

We arrived around 9:30 and were off to our first slide.  Thankfully Trevor was able to ride most all of the slides.  We started with the tube slides and several of them you had to ride by yourself - which I was a little nervous on how we would do, but he did great and loved them.  Our favorite was the family tube ride, which we rode a couple of times.  Since we got there early, the lines weren't too bad and we finished half of the park by 11:00.

The boys were ready to get in the wave area, which is pretty cool.  It isn't the typical wave pool that are most water parks.  This is one huge powerful wave that comes and people are doing some serious body surfing on it.  Brody wanted to go right out in the middle of it, but Trevor not so much.

Jason and Brody right in the middle as Jason is holding Brody.

After the wave area we headed over to the other slides which Trevor still could do most of them.  He couldn't do the straight down one, but he didn't want too.  Brody however did and loved it.  Brody also wanted to do the Shark Reef, but Jason and I were not fans because the water was too cold -68 degrees.  We went ahead and let Brody go for it.  It was a snorkeling area where you can snorkel with sting rays and leopard sharks and of course fish.  He was so excited even by himself.  He got in and got the mask on and walked out a little ways, but as soon as it dropped off and he had to float and swim - he panicked a little.  I wish they had given him a life jacket or something like a noodle because even though he swims very well, he hasn't had much practice with snorkeling.  Needless to say he didn't enjoy it too much.  At least he tried.

Of course with Florida weather, the storms came rolling in around 3:30 so we headed to check into our hotel - Port Orleans Riverside.  This was our first time staying here and we were very impressed.  We don't normally stay on property because we find cheaper rooms and sometimes it is a hassle to take Disney transportation with a stroller.  We tried it this time since the boys were getting older and it worked pretty good.

With the new Magic Bands and fast passes I had already reserved a fast pass for us on Wednesday night for Soarin, so we headed to Epcot to grab dinner a couple of rides.

Loving the Magic Bands

They thought it was the coolest thing to have these bands.

Dinner in Italy

Leisurely stroll through the rest of the countries on our way back to Soarin.

The great thing about Epcot is their Character Spot - a great and fast way to see the characters (at least 3 of them) - no wait!!  My boys aren't much into see characters - at least Brody isn't - which makes me really sad - so I'll take the no wait for these.