My Family

My Family

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fair - The Second Go Around

As we promised, we took the boys back to the fair so they could ride some of those "lovely" and "safe" rides.  We met up with Bradyn and Ava and the 4 of them were all ready to go.  Thank goodness it was arm band night so it was all you could ride for $20 AND there weren't a lot of people so no waiting.

Brody was ready to ride everything and Trevor would have too, but he wasn't quite tall enough for a few of the things.

They started out small.  I love how these two spend all day with each other in class and still want to hang out together afterwards.  They get along about 95% of the time, the other 5% they act like brother and sister.

Jason read the sign for the Tilt a Whirl and it didn't look like Trevor would be able to ride without an adult so off he went to get an armband.  When he came back Trevor was already on the ride - so much for rules at the fair.  He is trying to get Ava to ride, but no go for her at least for now.

She wouldn't ride the Tilt a Whirl but was all for riding this Polar Express ride.

Hands up for both of them.

Look closely, Ava and Trevor have sunk in their seat a little bit.

I got a little emotional thinking that this may be the last year my little guy will want to ride these kiddie rides.  He already is against the merry go round.

A few BIG rides for them.

Good old fashion bumper cars

This was one of their favorite rides - THEY WERE CRAZY.  I still can't believe that Ava wouldn't ride the Tilt A Whirl but was all excited for this Tornado.

The fair isn't complete without a ride on the ferris wheel.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

After taking Trevor's 5th birthday pictures, we met Jason at the pumpkin patch off Hendricks Ave (our favorite).  I guess I was tired of taking pictures because these aren't that great, but you get the idea.

Report cards were passed out the week before and we hadn't had a chance to celebrate - All A's for Brody and All E's for Trevor.  We had a lot to celebrate so dinner at The Loop!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trevor's 5 year old pics

I'm only 2 1/2 months late in taking Trevor's 5 year old pictures.  It is so hot at his birthday so I always seem to put it off.  It's also a challenge to find a cool place to take the pictures.  This year I chose the Treaty Oak in downtown Jacksonville.  My boys had never been here (technically I hadn't either - just driven by it) but somewhere I always wanted to take them.  The tree is estimated to be over 250 years old and possibly the oldest thing in Jacksonville.

When we arrived the boys were pretty amazed at the size of this tree and really wanted to climb all of it despite the sign that says no climbing.  Thankfully Trevor was in full cooperation to take pictures that evening.

Sorry in advance for all of the pics - I couldn't choose from just a few.
Check out this huge tree.

Brody was even eager to have his picture taken and offered lots of suggestions on how to pose Trevor for pictures.

Trevor really seemed to have fun.

Yeah, no rule breakers here.