My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Senior Costume Party

Sunday, November 3 we had our annual Seniors Costume party at the house.  This year we 4 teachers decided to go as the 50's.  This was a little more difficult than I had thought - but thankfully we didn't have to take any last minute trips somewhere to get our costume.

Our cool guys !

We have a rule at our costume parties - you must come in costume and if you don't then we will provide one for you 

The students did great this year in coming up with some unique costumes. 

We even had a couple of last year's students join us. 

Our wild and crazy group. 

There was some major ping pong action going on. There was a lot of smack talking towards Jason but none of them could follow thru with their actions. Jason still rules his table. 

While ping pong was going on the rest of us played a little Halloween pictionary. 

More ping pong action. 

It was then time for Walking Dead. These kids love this show but I just can't watch it. 

We are so blessed with such a great group of students this year. I love it when they feel comfortable enough to come
over and hang out. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's just not our year!!

Saturday, November 2 was our annual FL/GA football party.   We were all ready for our big party and my boys were running around doing the CHOMP!!

Our Gator family

Even Allye got in on the fun.

We were all set for what we hoped was a big win.

We have lots of food and fun.  This year our football menu consisted of chicken nuggets, BBQ chicken sandwiches and crab legs

The kids were all excited to be together especially since the only rule is to stay in the playroom.  They have a blast.

Trevor and Ava were having a little picnic together - it was the cutest thing.

Yes, for some reason Trevor thought it was necessary to take his shirt off while he danced via the Wii.

Back to the yummy food.  Stephanie made this peanut butter chocolate cake for Adam's birthday which was the day before.  We helped him celebrate with this extra rich cake that she did great on.

John loves his crab legs so he brought several pounds over to boil, but he and Jason were about the only 2 who ate.  As you can see Stephanie was definitely not a fan.  The smell was a little overwhelming and stayed in my house for awhile - candles to the rescue.


Tara and Marshall joined the Cruce's as fellow Georgia fans.

After the not so great outcome of a game, we resorted to the ping pong room to get out a little stress with music and ping pong.

Tara can play some mean ping pong and talked a lot of smack, but still couldn't beat Jason.  He still owns his table.

We Gator fans didn't have the outcome we had hoped for, but we still had a great time with friends and food!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Soccer comes to a close

Our soccer year has come to a close and what a year it was.  Friday, November 1 was our soccer ceremony and let me say that I had one little 4 year old who was so excited for this ceremony because he would be getting a trophy.  He has waited a long time for this as he has watched his older brother receive several trophies.

The rehearsal for a wedding I was to coordinate that weekend was on that Friday night and I was devastated that I would miss his ceremony.  Thankfully Mrs. Linda, a previous wedding coordinator at our church, was willing to take over the wedding for me.  I am forever grateful.

So glad I didn't have to miss this cutie at receiving his first trophy.

This was the first time Callahan Soccer Club had done a ceremony like this where all teams came together to receive their trophies.

So, we had a feeling Trevor was going to be a little crazy when he went on stage - but hey that is him and that is why we love him.  Check him out - he is SOOO excited.

Coach James was a great coach and really tried to help the kids have a fun time at all of the games.  He went through each of the kids and told something about them.  When it was Trevor's turn - he said he played hard and if we could keep him focused he would even be better.  Yep, that's our Trevor.  However, we are just glad he had fun.

I love this picture - his little eyes are saying "that's mine and I can't wait to get my hands on it"

This little kid makes me smile!!

My little soccer player had a great and fun season.  He was pretty excited about his trophy and they even received a dog tag that said Champions - we did have the best team!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween Parties

Halloween day was a very busy day.  It started out with Brody's character parade at school.  All dressed and ready for a funfilled day.

Since Trevor's party was Tuesday they said they could be a superhero or come in pj's.  Well, Trevor didn't want to do either one, so at least he wore a superhero shirt.

Goodies for Brody and Trevor's class

These were for Brody's class.  Of course from Pinterest and I thought they would be so easy.  I was SOOOO wrong.  On Pinterest they show them sitting nicely on a platter with no issues.  Well first of all how in the world did they all stand straight up because my marshmallows must have been deformed because they would not stand up straight.  I thought I solved the problem by using a toothpick to stand them up on this styrofoam board - however I stuck the toothpick too far up and it made the hat that really wasn't sticking that great to fall off even more.  See my problems - I was so over it!!

The "hats" wouldn't stay on the marshmallow so I put them in the fridge thinking that would harden the chocolate that I used to adhere the hat to the head - but it only softened the cookie.  Although they made me go crazy - I still took them to Brody's class because it was still edible and the kids probably didn't care.

Doing a little seat work before the big character parade.

Some of these kids and teachers have some very unique costumes.  Their costumes are to be based on a character from a book.  All the classes line up near the classroom and watch the parade go around.  When the end comes by your class then it is time for your class to join in the parade.  This gives you an opportunity to watch everyone and then go by and show your costume off as well.

Mrs. Ray as a cupcake in the book "If you Give a Cat a Cupcake"

Brody "Batman" and Peighton "Blueberry Muffin" in Strawberry Shortcake

The winning class pumpkin - Mrs. Stevens.  Each class put together a pumpkin and the kids voted by using quarters.  I thought this was definitely a winner.  The winning class got to be the Grand Marshall of the parade.

Brody's Kindergarten teacher - Mrs. Proffit as the Old Woman who swallowed a fly.

Mrs. Hodges as Goldilicous - she also had fellow teachers who were Pinkalicious and Purplelicious

The principal as Snow White

It was difficult to get pictures of the kids because they were right at me before I realized who it was.  Here is Ana Brooke the niece of my roommate from college - small world!!

Brody's class posing for one last class picture.

We then headed back to the classroom for a few centers -

Cookie decorating - which was my station

Counting practice with Ghost poop, Monster Scabs, Witches Warts, and Pumpkin Teeth

Musical Chairs & Pin the Nose on the pumpkin & Bobbing for apples

I love how Mrs. Ray did the bobbing for apples - after the student came up to bob for their apple then the water was emptied and new water for the next student.  A great way to avoid germs from lots of kids.

A little movie time before lunch

It was then time for lunch in the classroom - Subway

And after recess the students were able to pick only 2 items from the sweet table.  Mrs. Ray cannot stand for there to be so much waste and she didn't want the kids to pick up one of everything and just take one bite and toss it.  Genius!!

We decided to go ahead and head out for the day and off to our first trick or treating spot.

Our local Ace Hardware decided to set up a few trick or treating stations for the kids.  A few of the employees even dressed up and made it even more fun.  Stephanie's mom "Gigi" as my kids have now started calling her went around with them and loaded them up with "tons"of candy.

Mr. Mickey and Sean

See Gigi loading them up with a ton of candy.

Even in the lumber yard was a candy station.

After a little rest time at home it was time to get ready again and head out to Jax Beach to trick or treat at Nana's.  This has become our annual tradition and I really enjoy it.  It gives the boys time to be with Nana and Poppy.

A few pictures before we head out

My "Man of Steel"

After a little dinner they are ready to head out for a little trick or treating.

Her neighborhood is great because they really get into Halloween with lots of decorated homes and spooky music.  A few of them Trevor wouldn't even go up to because they were a little spooky.

I guess we left a little later this year or there were more trick or treaters out this year

It was then time to count the loot.  They were actually very happy to share their candy with me and Poppy.

What a funfilled and VERY busy Halloween.  Of course it is one of their favorite days of the year - maybe it's all of the candy they get - thankfully we didn't have any belly aches the next day.