My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are you ready for some 2012 football?

As our annual tradition goes around this time of year - Draft Party!!  Now most fantasy football drafts are guys only, but not at our house - everyone is welcome and it's one BIG party.  There are 10 teams so we had about 15 adults and 9 kids - yeah crazy times!!

I actually enjoy football, so this draft party is always so much fun to plan.  This year I had wanted to decorate a little.  

Our new wreath.  This was very easy - just a thing of black yarn and some teal ribbon and a few letters.    I was very pleased with how it turned out.

The dining room table all ready for people.

Football coasters.

In the past we have used a dry erase board to write all the picks on, but this year we were able to use an official CBS sports draft board with player stickers and all.

Everyone is so great to contribute to the food.  This year I decided to go with tailgate food.  We had TONS of food and it was all so great.

The guys serious about their picks

While the guys did their thing, us girls did what we do best - chat!

And the kids did their thing in the playroom - swords, shields, nerf guns and whatever else they could find.

Of course Trevor had to try out the sweets - Football whoopie cakes.

 The kids had so much fun running in and out and to the trampoline and play area.  Of course John had to join in on the kid fun.

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