My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Relaxing Day #2

So on Sunday we stayed around the resort and let the boys swim and play.  They loved the play area.

Then it was time for a little Downtown Disney

First stop was to eat

During the meteor shower

Dinner was very enjoyable.  Usually Trevor doesn't eat so we have learned to not order him anything - he just eats very LITTLE off our plates.  Well, he actually at A LOT of Brody's popcorn shrimp - actually most of it.  We were shocked but thankful!!

Next stop after dinner was of course The Lego Store

Brody wanted everything in the store, so we suggested that he take pictures of the items he wants to add to his Christmas list.

 A little fun while shopping - thankfully we only spent about $10 on souvenirs :)

Then yummy time at Ghiradelli Ice Cream.  Brody and I shared and let me just say that this boy can eat some ice cream, I couldn't go slow or it would be gone.

Trevor and Jason shared but I guess it was too rich for Trevor because he didn't like it - or maybe he was full from actually eating dinner.

Resting for the next day - so sweet!!

A Pirate Adventure

Our boys love some pirates so we thought it would be pretty cool to take them to a dinner show that was all about Pirates.  They had no idea where we were going.  We kept telling them we were going to a fancy dinner where you had be very quiet.  Yeah, they weren't too happy about that.  Even after the pictures out front they still had no idea what was about to happen.

Can you believe these boys got another sword??  I went to the bathroom and come back and here's what they had - dad was the weak one.

We were to cheer on the green pirate and let me say my boys got into cheering for him.

See he is so excited and cheering.

Afterwards we were waiting to try and get a picture with our green pirate, but he decided to dance the whole time so Brody joined in on the dancing.

They loved the pirate show and continued calling out "Go Green" for the rest of our trip.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Relaxing day #1

Our Disney season passes are only good for weekdays so we had Saturday and Sunday to hang out at the resort and explore Orlando.  Saturday morning we woke up and actually ventured to Millenia Mall to take advantage of a Friends and Family discount at PotteryBarn Kids.  Somebody is getting a room makeover soon :)

We stopped in at Macy's for some quick shopping for Jason and here's what the boys did.  Thank goodness for our phones.

They were so excited to venture out to the Big Blue pool which is the biggest pool at the resort.

Our first stop was the craft station to make animal masks.

It was then time to play.  First in the splash area.

The boys played a few games that were going on with the resort.

Brody did great hula hooping

Then Critter Capture where they threw hundreds of little plastic critters in the water and the kids went after them.  Brody did pretty good and had lots of fun.

Trevor on the other hand didn't do so well but at least he tried.

After all of their critters.

A little hot potato with water balloons.

A few more pics from around the hotel - Crush

A little play area that the kids loved

It was then time to get ready for our Pirate Adventure that night.