My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

One day I am going to miss these early Christmas morning's and seeing the kids' faces when they see what Santa brought.  It is hard to get their facial expressions on video or camera because they like to get up early and in all reality Jason and I are pretty tired.  

We told them to stay in their rooms when they woke up and holler for us.  Well of course Trevor "forgot" and came on in our room which meant he passed through the main room.  He was so cute and said a few things he saw on his way to our room.  I got him to go back in his room and then come back out - just for a few pictures :)

A certain 7 year old was pretty excited about his football uniform.  The helmet stayed on for most of the morning.

This was one specially wrapped package.  Brody was so proud and happy to give this to me.  He cut out paper for each side and then went to taping.

I love the expression - for a "I Survived the Titanic" book.

Handmade ornament from Brody.  I love how excited the boys are to give me presents that they made or bought.

My handmade card from Brody

Already reading one of his new books.

Jewelry picked out my favorite boys.

See, still wearing the helmet.

Check out the aftermath!!

Even Allye got a present and she enjoyed every bit of the new toy and snacks.

Time to test out the new toys.

It was a perfect day to have a burn party.

We then had to take turns trying to ride Brody's new bike.

It was such a fun and relaxing day playing with all of our new toys and especially spending it with family.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Twas the Night before Christmas

After coming home from mom and dad's, it was time for us to get ready for Santa to come and visit.  Dash had left a package for the boys the night before so they were very eager to open it.

A new book and Christmas pj's

Well, I guess Dash (Santa) got the sizes mixed up as well because Trevor received a size 7 pj's - I think he'll keep these for a few years.

Aren't these the sweetest looking boys?

All ready for Santa - milk and cookies and reindeer food all ready.

 And the tree all ready - now we just sleep and wait.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christmas Eve

For the past couple of years we have spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house with dinner and presents.  The boys AND my mom were so excited to get together that they couldn't stand it.  I'm not sure who was more excited.

Mom reading the Christmas story to the boys.

Jason had a great idea to bring along his guitar so we could sing a few Christmas carols - since it was before we opened presents we had do a little coaxing for the boys.

Even Allye was able to join in on the Christmas festivities.

Finally present time - pogo stick.  Yeah lovely gifts from Nini!!

She has no idea what this is - a new Pyrex casserole holder.

LOVE this face!!  He is so excited about his legos.

The joke of the year - mom bought Trevor these pj pants but they were a size 14.  She saw the 4 and grabbed them.  May take some growing into.

Another great face - a 2 wheel scooter.  Brody's words were "thank goodness, now he can stop riding mine"

Trying out Uncle Chris' glasses

Time to help Papa open his new hammock.

The boys of course had a great Christmas Eve and received more toys than needed.  They were so excited to jump in and play with their new toys, but it was now time to wait for Santa!!