My Family

My Family

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 Month check up - at 7 1/2 months old

Yes, we are still trying to get our check ups at the right time but you have to wait so many weeks between shots so hopefully we'll get our 1 year appt at the right time. For Trevor's 6 month check up Brody went along so Dr. Hardman could check his ears hopefully one last time. Taking 2 kids to the doctor at the same time is always a chore but thankfully Jason was able to meet us there especially since it would be shot time for Trevor. Here are my 2 boys all dressed and ready to go see the doctor - Happy St. Patrick's Day. I wonder how long I'll be able to dress them alike?

Everything went well and Trevor weighed 19 lb 14 oz (50-75%) and 28 1/2 " tall (90%).

Poor Trevor, not knowing what is about to happen to him.

Brody's ears were thankfully clear so he enjoyed playing on my phone for awhile in the doctor's office.

Trevor is now really close to crawling. He loves to get up on all 4's and rock. He is such a happy baby and his smile can make anyone be in a better mood. He is eating fruits in the morning and a vegetable in the evening. He is still sleeping about 11-12 hours at night and about 3-4 hours of naps during the day. This of course makes mommy and daddy VERY happy. As for teeth, he is DROOLING like crazy but he's been doing that since he was a month old. I can feel a little something on the bottom so little teeth are soon to come.

As I write this I am reminded how time flies and I really need to slow down and savor EVERY moment my boys are small. I must stop writing or I'll get too emotional this late at night.

Monday, March 29, 2010

34 and holding

March 15th was my birthday and this year I wanted to live it up right - now don't get too excited you know me I'm not all that crazy. I just wanted to go and spend time at the spa. So, I actually went to work for half a day - I had to make it through lunch because we get to pick our lunch on our birthday. My work caters in lunch everyday - this is a great perk, however, we don't get to go out and take a break. The purpose of the catered lunch is to keep us at our desk - we work around the Stock Market - and since it doesn't close we don't either.

So, after a yummy lunch from Tijuana Flats I took off to Natural Body Spa at Towne Center for a 3 hour pampering session. This was my first time there and I was very impressed. I had a massage, a Seaweed scrub (I thought I had purchased a Seaweed wrap but read it wrong), and a facial. It was so nice and VERY relaxing - no kids for 3 hours what a great and relaxing time.

After my relaxing spa time, I hurried home to get ready to go out to eat with my parents - Red Lobster. This used to be one of favorite restaurants - I think it was for the cheddar biscuits and I used to LOVE shrimp. However, something happens after kids and I'm not a big fan of shrimp anymore, but I still like fish. We also had to pick somewhere close since Trevor LOVES to go to sleep at 8:00. I am always so worried to take both boys out to eat - you never know what will happen. Thankfully, they were both very good - even though we had to wait for about 40 minutes and I just knew that would throw a loop in the whole timing of Trevor eating. Trevor just sat in his carrier and ate his solid food and then shortly after wanted his bottle which he can now hold all by himself - YEAH!!

What birthday is not complete without a trip to Lowe's. Here's Brody having a blast.

Now I know I'm taking a cake decorating class but I was not going to make my own birthday cake so I remembered seeing commercials for Cold Stone's Chocolate Strawberry cake and how convenient there's a Cold Stone at River City. The cake was very yummy and you know who just loved it :)
My sweet birthday card from Brody
What card is not complete without Lightning McQueen stickers - just what I wanted.

I had a great birthday but I still don't feel 34!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One too many shoes

Right before we walked out the door to go see Disney's Rockin Road Show this happened

At the last minute I decided to change belts and when I put the old one back on the hook Mt. Shoe Closet erupted and EVERYTHING came piling down. The clothes rack finally had it last straw and it gave way which then led to every shoe to come piling down on top.

This was not my idea of a birthday present (mine was on the 15th and this happened on the 13th) but it looks like this was going to be part of my birthday present. Needless to say Jason was not too thrilled to have to redo part of my closet. I wasn't looking forward to the clean up that was going to have to take place when we got home later that night just so I could find something to wear to church the next day.

One Rockin' Night

Last Friday night, we took Brody (yes once again Trevor stayed at home) for a Rockin' Night Out Disney Style. Disney's Rockin' Road Show came to Jacksonville's Times Union Center and we just knew Brody would love it. Of course one of his best buds Baylie was going so we met up for dinner before hand at Longhorn and they were so excited.

Best Buds

We had great seats - we were actually the only 3 on our row and in the front row of a section so Brody was able to stand up and jump as much as he wanted. For the first half he mostly just sat and stared in amazement. When intermission came we realized that no one was going to be sitting next to us so we found John, Tracy and Baylie and had them come join us. This of course got the 2 kids EXCITED. They were jumping and laughing and having a great time.

Is this not the sweetest picture?

Brody's favorite was Woody and Buzz Lightyear - of course!! This was Brody's first show and he did great and I think he really enjoyed it. So, I'm sure there will be more of these shows in our future. Maybe one day we'll be able to take both boys.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A perfect evening on the island

As my recent post explains, our family was beginning to go a little stir crazy being stuck inside for almost 2 weeks. I know Brody was going crazy and just wanted to be outside so the weather finally cooperated and weekend before last we all packed up and went to Fernandina for the afternoon. Now this takes a lot of planning - naps and food must be well planned and PLEASE don't forget anything. It is a real chore but I knew it would be worth it. Jason played golf that morning and of course it lasted longer than expected (frost delay so it wasn't his fault)- it always seems to happen that way when something is planned.

Anyway, I had pretty much everything packed, everyone fed, everyone had naps and we were ready. We were off to the park for Brody to run around and burn off some energy and for Trevor to just be bundled up and try and enjoy being outdoors - because of course he was trying to get sick at the time. Brody had lots of fun and even Trevor got to enjoy the swing a little.

While Brody played, Trevor and I did venture over to the Garden Show and I was very interested in the herbs. I have been wanting to try to grow a few herbs but not sure how difficult it would be because I surely did not get my Grandmother's green thumb. I didn't purchase anything but we'll see what will happen with the herb idea this spring.

After the park, we drove down to Center Street and walked down to the dock. Trevor fell asleep immediately and stayed asleep the entire walk - he was one little tired boy. Once we arrived to the dock, what did we see but one of my favorite animals - a lonely dolphin trying to get some food and he was really close. Brody thought it was prety cool - and of course so did his mom.

Mr. Cool

Our little dolphin friend.

My son smells the great aroma of Bretts' and is ready to eat. Everything revolves around food with this child which is why there is usually always some type of food in my purse because there will be a meltdown. Not being too familiar with downtown Fernandina we weren't sure of any kid friendly eating establishments so we packed up and headed to The Loop. One can never go wrong there.

I have to say this is only about the 3rd or 4th time we have taken both boys out to eat and they did GREAT!!! I was so happy - now it was probably because we were eating dinner a little early and Trevor had a late nap, but it was all good. Oh and maybe it had something to do with the bribe of eat your food and you can have this

Friday, March 12, 2010

One sick little boy

Brody has had an ear infection since mid Jan and had been on 2 different antibiotics. He has had really never had an ear infection or at least never complained of one - which we have been extremely blessed. Well, a few weeks ago, we went for a follow up and Dr. Hardman said that he still had fluid so we should continue a nose spray and hopefully it would go away.

Well wouldn't you know that night he started running a fever and it continued for a couple of days. So, Friday 2 weeks ago we went in for a sick appt and what do you know he still had an infection. They wanted to give a strong dose of antibiotics as a shot to try and knock it out. I surely wasn't expecting this especially since I was by myself. Not just 1 shot but THREE shots in his leg. Let me just say that this antibiotic better have worked because Brody screamed so loud that I think people 5 miles away heard him. I felt so sorry for him and the band aid didn't even make it better. We had to wait 20 minutes to make sure he didn't have any reaction to it and thankfully he didn't.

He is now our drama King because I finally got his mind off the shot with food of course but when Jason drove up the tears came flowing again. Jason took him home because being the great mom I am I was going to cake class - that really sounds horribile now but I really felt he was going to be okay. Thankfully my mom came over to help out and when Brody saw mom the tears came flowing once again. He really was in pretty bad shape that night because he tightened the leg after one shot and then they gave him another shot in that leg and it was extremely sore and had a knot on it. He even asked to be taken to bed at 8:30 - which is early for him.

After another 10 days of anitbiotics we are hoping the fluid is gone. We will find out on the 17th. I pray this stuff is gone. I just don't understand where and why there are so many ear infections these days when I was younger you didn't hear of them near as much. What is going on???

Here's the sick little boy struggling to find something new to do inside yet another day. We were loving staying in our pjs all day and loving being Spiderman - the black under his arms is his web.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

7 months - wow it flies

My little boy turned 7 months old March 3 and he is such a joy. He is such a happy baby and we are finally getting our 2 - 3 nap schedule down pat and it's great. This kid loves his sleep. We have been very blessed with 2 boys who can sleep pretty good in a stroller and a car seat because goodness knows it is difficult for me to stay home - there are places to go.

Recall the Cinderella story and 8PM is the new midnight in our house because if Trevor is not in his bed at 8PM then he thinks he'll turn into a pumpkin. He honestly does not want to sleep in his carseat at this time - he only wants his bed. As I think back to our wonderful Disney trip back in Nov, I am VERY thankful for my mom and dad who endured the crying because Trevor was definitely NOT in his bed at 8PM - more like midnight. Poor thing he just doesn't want to sleep anywhere else.

Trevor is still being kept by Dana (I really need to get a picture of the 2 of them so he'll know who kept him later in life). She is the sweetest thing and takes really good care of him. Of course she keeps him on a tight schedule which I love - ie don't just think he's hungry when he cries, go by the schedule - she does great at this.

Trevor's smile will melt anyone's heart and the nursery workers always tell me that he loves to "talk" and I simply smile and say that he gets that from his Nini's side. At times he'll laugh so loud that it has the screech where it sounds like he's losing his breath - it's the cutest thing.

Jason and I were talking the other day and we can't believe how fast it has flown by and that we only have 5 more months of baby food and formula. It really does seem like yesterday I was "quickly" giving birth to him. I heard something on the radio yesterday driving home from work and was reminded that we need to take every minute in with our kids because they'll grow up so fast and you won't know what happened and where the time went. I am constantly reminded of this as I am paying bills or checking email, or cooking dinner and Brody comes up and asks me to read a book or play a game. Somethings can wait, so off I go and play or read.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cakes, cakes, and more cakes

We have finished Course 1 of our cake class and it was so much fun that we are going forward to Course 2. I think my work is loving it too since they are getting the benefit of the sweets. Here's a few pictures of us enjoying our class - not sure the instructor likes us having so much fun. Let's just say we help the class laugh.

Jessica is practicing her writing skills. I think we all decided writing on cakes was not our specialty.

Tracy is hard at work starring in her Mickey Mouse.

Here's my very first cake. If you can't tell - it's a train - for Brody of course. He was very excited about it. He is loving me taking this class so he can "lick" the beaters when I'm done.

Mine and Tracy's finished product.

This was a practice cake to test out chocolate icing and a from scratch chocolate cake. Yum, Yum

My final cake for class. I was quite proud of the roses. It also has a yummy strawberry filling and a new cake recipe from my Great Aunt - who made our wedding cake almost 9 years ago - so she knows a good cake recipe.

Everyone needs a hat

Living in Florida, we don't get too much cold weather but this has been the total opposite this year. With cold weather comes the opportunity to sport the hats. I love wearing hats and finally purchased a few of my own last year when Jason and I celebrated our anniversary in NYC. Here's my 2 sweet boys sporting their hats this year.I absolutely love this hat so I hope he'll get to wear it again next year.

Trevor really does like to wear his hat, but this was after AM church and he was VERY tired and so over it but you know a blog mom has to get a picture.

What's in a Name?

Brody has been working on writing his name lately and he loves to do it. I have to say I have been very impressed with his skills. About a month ago, Brody showed me this

Tell me I wasn't one proud mom. He's pretty proud as well as you can tell.

6 Months Old

Trevor turned 6 months old on Feb 3- WOW!! The time has really flown by and of course it seems just like yesterday. On this day, I couldn't help but replay that wonderful, scarry, and VERY FAST event of a day 6 months ago.

We have gone through so much during this time. There were times in the beginning that I thought Trevor would never just sit, lay by himself. He seemed to always want to be held which Jason and I tried desperately to break him of that. I can thankfully say Trevor has reached that point. He really just wants someone to sit near him and talk to him - he's our people person child.
Brody is such a good big brother.

He is finally sitting up by himself which is so cute. It was like overnight he was able to do this. He loves to sit and play with his toys and especially watch Brody. He still can't / won't roll from his back to his belly which isn't causing too many problems.

We are starting a fruit in the morning and a vegetable/ meat at night and are in the stage 2 food. Anytime a new food is introduced, he doesn't like it so we have to wait a couple of days and try it again and he'll usually eat it. Eating prunes - he really loves them.

Trevor is sleeping VERY good at night. We are so blessed and rested. He HAS to go to sleep by 8:00 and will usually sleep until 8 AM and sometimes 9AM. He is taking 2 naps for a total of about 4 hours - he LOVES his sleep.

He is also a BIG drooler. Everything is soaking wet with Trevor. Check out this drool coming out.

We had his 6 month pictures done at Target - it's usually cheaper and you don't have ALL of these pictures you don't know what to do with. However, this may be my last time at Target because we had to wait at least 30 minutues after our scheduled appt time which throws all of my well thought out planning down the tubes. You know - exactly what time to leave, when he should nap, when he should eat. We finally finished everything about 2 hours later - so of course Trevor fell asleep in my arms while picking out pictures. Here's a few of the pictures - I think they turned out pretty good considering he was getting pretty tired.
By this time, Trevor was over pictures hence the statement "I don't want to be the little brother"
I love my 2 boys even though I am still adjusting to having 2.