My Family

My Family

Monday, August 13, 2012

Couple of free days

Friday afternoon and Saturday were our free days so we had some plans to sightsee and shop a little.  After going to the Talibe Center we walked a little ways to eat lunch at an Italian place.  It was actually pretty good.  We were then picked up by our driver Ibrihima, who drove us up to a lighthouse.

This is what our feet would look like after walking.

This is the statue built for the African Renaissance.  It stands 164 feet tall, which is higher than the Statue of Liberty.  It is to symbolize Africa emerging from centuries of oppression.  It is of a man coming out of a volcano holding a baby in the air and a lady behind him.

The view from here was pretty cool.

We were then off to shop at the Artisan Market.  This is a place where you can get all kinds of stuff that is handmade and at really good prices.  Lindy and Amanda joined us here to help us out with the bartering.  We wanted to make sure we were paying a fair price.  I wish I had taken some pictures of this place but I guess I was too concerned to get the best deals which we got what we wanted - outfits for the boys, some jewelry, Jason an outfit, a purse & passport holder and a couple of handmade bowls.  All for $70.

That night we had it scheduled for a Henna tattoo artist to come to where we were staying so some of us could get a Henna tattoo.  This started out as Kayla's idea because she wanted one last year when she went, so Lindy knew someone who was really good and would come to us.  I was all in because it comes off and I thought it would be cool.  I have never wanted a real tattoo since it lasts forever, but something that would be gone in a couple of weeks was fine with me and it was only going to cost $6 even better.

There were 5 of us getting something done and they told me to go first.  I let him do whatever he wanted.

This took him about 3-4 minutes and of course it was free hand.  Khady is my African name I was given the first time I went 7 years ago.  Now we had to let it dry about 3 hours so it was 8:30 when we had it done so it was a long night.

On Saturday we woke up and were complete tourists today which meant shorts - YEAH!!  We were headed to a ropes course through the baobab trees a little over an hour away.  We were all pretty excited.

A baobab tree - like you see in The Lion King.

Inside our van on our long drive.

Jason after getting all harnessed up.  These things were definitely tight, which was a good thing.

Dalton was the only one who did not want to go because he is afraid of heights.  Well, he started out on the practice area and I think he thought he would be able to get down after that and just watch, well there was no getting down so off he went and he actually led us.  What a trooper.

Getting some of our instructions on the practice.  It actually started raining while we were practicing.  What a wonderful time to be doing this, but it stopped and was perfect weather for us.

Practicing our zip lining.

Off for the real stuff.

All finished with the ropes course which took us a little over an hour.  Getting ready to do the BIG zip line

Climbing to the top for the BIG zip line.  Yeah, that's Dalton who doesn't like heights.  Isn't God good?

Looking down at the top

Looking at our destination.

 Africans are big hot tea drinkers so this is how we celebrated finishing.  I drank a little and it was ok, but these guys drank it all.

This was one of the most fun things I've done.  I haven't laughed so hard in awhile and it was a true bonding experience.

On our way back to Dakar, this is what we experienced.  This is what a little rain will do in a place with little to no drainage.

Saturday was our last night in Dakar.  We woke up Sunday morning and headed to the airport in 3 different taxis.  What an experience that was.  It was raining and our taxi with Jason, Kayla and myself had no windshield wipers.  Imagine that?

We had no major issues getting on our plane and 8 hours later we landed in JFK and what a feeling that is to be back on American soil!!  This is what we were welcomed home to around 10:00 that night.  Brody was still awake and was pretty excited to see us.  Trevor couldn't quite stay up that long.

Thanks to those who helped out with our boys while we were gone - my parents, Janan, Kelly and Brittyn.  This trip would not have been possible without your help.  Most importantly thanks to everyone who prayed for us while we were gone.  We definitely felt God in everything we did.  He definitely showed up in a great way.  Looking forward to what God has in store for us next.

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