My Family

My Family

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My boys' girlfriends

AKA babysitters.

Since Brody and Trevor were born we have been very blessed to always have someone come to the house and watch them.  There has even been times when we really had no clue who we could get but the Lord leads someone our way and we are so thankful.  This past year we actually have 3 different girls watching them - Kristin, Sara Lynn & Regan and sometimes Brittyn.  3 of these being sisters.

Well, with our new pc, Brody learned how to take pictures of himself and so we have lots of funny pictures of Brody, Trevor and the girls so I had to share.

Here's Sara Lynn with the boys.  She was our flower girl in our wedding 10 years ago.  Crazy to think she is now babysitting our boys.  So thankful for "Ra Ra" as Trevor calls her.

 Brittyn with the boys

 Being crazy!!

Regan with the boys

Maybe this is a requirement for Brody that you have to be fun and crazy enough to take pictures in order for you to babysit him :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting better and better

The 2nd game of the season was last Saturday - no I don't think I will post about every game but you never know - I'm a proud mom what can I say!!

Brody was just as excited about this game as his first - which is a good sign.  He was dressed and ready to go by 7:30 - he didn't need to be to the ballpark until 9:20.

The coaches say Brody is a little bit of a talker - really just never shuts up, which is kind of funny to me because I really thought he would be the shy one in a group but I guess not.  This was the first full game - which means everyone got to bat 3 times.  Brody hit 2 of the 3 times off the coach's pitch and the hit off the tee was a double.  When he got up to bat the 3rd time, he had Tru Armstrong's bat.  Now this girl had already hit 2 home runs with this bat and Brody knew it, so when he got up to bat he told whoever was listening that "this bat hits home runs".  So cute but whatever it takes.
 Waiting for his time up to bat with Coach Bish.

 Running home

Brody also played 3rd base one inning during this game.  He looked so cute all ready for the ball - now don't get me wrong it wasn't without Coach Keith telling him about 30 times to look towards the ball and get ready.

I'm just thankful he still enjoys it and is getting better every time.

35 or 15

The past week or so has been celebration week for me since I turned 35 on the 15th.  I've come to realize that one should celebrate their birthday not just on their actual birthday, so that's what we've (I've) been doing.

Celebration started on the Friday before with Jason and I going out to Ruth Chris - YUMMY (thanks to a gift card we had).  Timing wasn't right for a movie so we took a little time and went shopping at Kohl's - what a good night.  Brittyn Carr kept the boys that night and Brody told her that I was turning 15 and he then told her that she was older than me - what a good feeling!!

Celebration #2 was the Monday before my birthday and we braved taking the boys out to eat with my parents.  You never know how they will act in a restaurant, what Trevor will eat or throw on the floor - this is why we don't go out very much as a family.  We headed out to Olive Garden which I love.  

Well, on our way to River City, Jason told me that we were dropping off my vehicle at Best Buy - why I asked????  He had made an appointment for me to have a cord installed to my antenna so I can hook up my iphone to listen to Pandora, any songs I have on there, etc.  We have gone through 2 different FM transmitters that were pieces of junk, so it was time to go a different route.  I was very excited since Brody loves to listen to Disney on Pandora and I have been trying to listen to different podcasts for my morning devotion on my way to work.  This was a great present and will be used a lot!!

Don't let this picture fool you - he didn't even try the spaghetti.

Thankfully the boys did great even with not so great service - we were there for over 2 hours.  

Celebration #3 was on Tuesday on my birthday.  I am blessed with a job that provides lunch for us everyday so I got to pick my choice - Mojo's and a HUGE chocolate cake - YUMMY!!!  That night my dad cooked dinner for me since Jason had a basketball tournament that night & didn't get home until midnight (they did bring home the over 5 foot 1st place trophy) - see why we celebrated so early??
 Yummy treats from Cinati's Bakery.

My boss turned 60 the week before and this was one of the gag gifts we bought him.  He thought it would be funny for me to have it now.

Celebration #4 was last Friday when Jason brought home a chocolate ganache cake from Dessert First which was wonderful.  I don't know who was happier - me or Brody - don't worry Trevor has enjoyed his fare share as well.

Celebration #5 was on Wednesday when I had the entire day to myself while my mom and Aunt LeeLee (Lynnda Cook) took the boys to the zoo.  My day started out at the eye doctor and then 4 hours of shopping and then 3 hours at the spa for a massage, facial and pedicure.  What a glorious day.  It's such a good feeling to be able to take my time in a store and not have to worry about a child screaming.  Oh how thankful I am to my mom for taking care of the boys for me - I so needed that day.

Well, I think that sums up my birthday celebration week (s).   What a great time I've had and I can't believe I'm 35 - I really don't feel any older than 15 :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The first of MANY to come

The long awaited day (mostly by Brody) was finally here - GAME DAY!!  Brody received his uniform on Thursday and of course he put it on time we got home and didn't want to take it off.  Even Friday morning when he woke up at 7:15, he ate his poptart and then put his uniform on (now mind you Jason and I were still asleep) - but he was so proud of his uniform.

Showing off his new uniform

Saturday morning was no different, he was so excited and put on his uniform first thing - 7:30 - we weren't leaving until 9:20 but he was ready.  We were all planning on going out to the ball park, but Trevor had different plans.  He had been running a HIGH fever since Thursday and it even hit 107 on Friday, so thankfully my mom was able to watch Trevor and then they brought him out to watch as well (poor thing wasn't doing so great)

We thought this would be a 3 person picture but Trevor squeezed himself in - he didn't want to be leftout.

I think this was my first time ever going out to the ball park so I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pretty excited.  Opening ceremonies were first where all the teams lined up on the field and they introduced the teams and coaches and the first ball was thrown out.  Brody's team has 12 players - 8 boys and 4 girls and 6 coaches.  It is a really great team since I know most of the parents on it so it makes it fun - if it would only stay this way through the years.  Well thankfully we have 6 coaches because we needed them to try and keep these kids clean (with their white pants) for an hour before pictures.

Opening ceremonies was only about 30 minutes and then we were off to pictures.  All went well with that and thankfully Brody stayed clean - what a challenge.

We had an hour to wait until our game so I was somewhat prepared with a lunchable because Brody is ALWAYS hungry and I sure didn't need a melt down while he was on the field.

Game time had finally arrived and he was so excited (yes I was pretty excited too).  This ball park was crazy with all of the parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and whoever else you could think of.  Of course Nini and Papa were there sporting their new Royals shirts and poor little Trevor sat in stroller just eating away while I prayed he would stay put for the whole game (he did up until the last 10 minutes - thank goodness for snacks).

Me and Kerri Boatright along with 3 grandmas positioned ourselves right behind home plate - Papa was in the outfield.   I forgot to bring a chair but I sure didn't need one because I stood the entire time and was cheering the entire time - I'm a little competitive even though this game is really all about having fun and these little kids had a blast.

From what I can understand so far, all the kids on the team hit each inning so Brody hit twice.  One of the coaches pitch 3 balls to them to see if they can hit it and if not then the ball gets put on the tee.  Brody got on base both times and scored the first time and was a close out for the second one.

Most of the boys were a little timid up to bat with all the cheering going on - not sure what was going on.  At one time, he even turned around and asked where Nini was which she was right behind the plate - my mom was quite proud.

On first base

Not sure what kind of moves he is doing here on 2nd base.

Run Brody Run


My little boy coming home!

He slowed up for some reason right as he got to home so he was out.  Don't worry Coach Daddy talked to him about that when we got home.

As for the outfield he played near second base and was able to stop the ball once and threw to the center circle which means all play is to stop.  Other than that he didn't pay much attention in the outfield - the typical hat off, glove in the face, turning around waving to Papa, and whatever else a bored little 4 year old outfielder might do, but he had fun.

    Coach Jason

He might be singing here


My favorite picture of the day

Of course the snack afterwards is a highlight of the day - crazy!!  A day at the ball park isn't complete without a trip to McDonalds - Brody's favorite.

What a wonderful first day at the ball park even though my little man was so sick.  Can't wait for the remaining season and I sure I have one little 4 year old who can't wait for the next game next Saturday.  Now off to wash the uniform to try and get it nice and white again.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dino's come ALIVE

Today we headed out to the zoo, like I've said in previous posts the weather is wonderful here now so we are taking advantage of it.  The zoo has a new exhibit going on DinoAlive and Brody loves dinosaurs.  However, when we took him to the MOSH exhibit almost 2 years ago - he didn't like it because they were scary.  Not sure how this was going to be since I didn't know what to expect either.  Oh well, we went with it and explored together.

A zoo visit isn't complete unless we take a picture with the turtle

Brody didn't know about the exhibit but as soon as he saw the sign pulling into the zoo he was SOO excited and of course that was the first thing we had to do.  Brody was on the look out for the dinosaur signs to help us find where it was.

We got our map and headed off to explore.  I was very amazed at how life like they were and they made noises as well.  Brody wasn't scared at all - he let out a few play screams when the dinos would make noises.  He loved trying to find the different dinos on the map.  Now, the dinos didn't phase Trevor AT ALL.  He even told me what the dinos said.

There were a few spots that I was a little startled because I wasn't expecting a HUGE dinosaur to be right behind me when I turned around.  Brody talked all big about the TREX but he was quite BIG so he wasn't so sure about getting a picture in front of him.  He kept talking about the dinosaur that killed another dinosaur and it was a mean one - why does that fascinate little boys?

Brody was not a fan of this dino - he was very LOUD.


After the great dinosaur exhibit we ate a picnic lunch from home.  I'm so glad I planned ahead because it was so much easier and CHEAPER.  Brody called Daddy to tell him all about the dinosaurs and to tell him that he needed to come meet us there after work and to follow the dinosaur signs.  Thank goodness we have a annual pass because I guess we will be back before the exhibit leaves.

Next on the agenda was the train and lions and of course Shave Ice - a zoo trip isn't complete unless you have one of these.

Another reason we go to the zoo - "Oh the zoo has animals too?"

We took off to the Florida area to see the alligators and what did Brody find - the snake exhibit.  I try to avoid this AT ALL costs because I HATE snakes and I feel that they are always crawling on me when I go in there.  What we do for our kids.  I stayed way back along the back wall and let him go around to the windows.

Trevor couldn't quite make the entire trip - and 4 hours later he is still asleep.  Maybe we should go to the zoo everyday to get them to take good naps.
It was such a wonderful day with my 2 boys.  Of course Brody told me he wasn't tired but he fell asleep about 10 minutes down the road.  Thankfully both boys transport pretty good to their beds to finish out their naps - which is how I'm able to post this right now.