My Family

My Family

Friday, October 31, 2008

The ever so great Callahan fair

The last time Jason and I went to the Callahan fair was during our first year of dating about 13 years ago - boy we've been together for a long time. Now that we have Brody we figured it was time to go again. We went on the 21st after we got home from work - which was around 6:30 or so by the time we got there.

We first went to see the animals which we thought Brody would love but he didn't have much to do with them. I think it was because we walked through the fair to get to the animals and he saw lots more exciting things besides the animals and couldn't wait to see what was going on out there. Here's a couple pictures of him with the animals.

Once we got out to the rides he loved the Merry Go Round, which he was familiar with since he had ridden it with NeeNee and Papa (my parents) at the zoo. I don't do so well with rides that go round and round but I thought I could handle that ride - but after 3 times I was done!!!

TaTa and Na (Aunt Tara & Uncle Bryan) met us there to get their feet wet for what was in store for them next year with their little one - who is about 3 months old. Brody absolutely loves Na and wanted to be him at all times. I'm sure Bryan loves that!!

He's a little small for most of the kiddie rides and had to ride everything with either me or Jason. He loved the Berry go Round (a kiddie Tilt a Whirl) and the train. We tried the slide which was great the first time but when it turned dark he didn't like it so much. This was the story with trying any new rides once it turned dark- we think the lights made it too overwhelming. Overall he rode the 4 rides for a total of about 17 times. I would call his first fair a success. I'm thinking next year should be quite interesting.

You can't go to the fair without partaking in a funnel cake. It was SOOO good and of course Brody LOVED "cake".

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our cruise!

Jason and I recently got back from our first cruise - it was a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise (or so we planned) on the Carnival Triumph. Yes, it was just Jason and I - Brody stayed with my parents. Some people think we're crazy to leave him for so long but we need vacations too and our families are always excited to keep him.

Here we are for one of the many picture opportunities they make you take!

I have always been nervous about taking a cruise because I do get a little motion sick so I sure didn't want to be sick on a boat for 7 days. We left on Sunday, Oct 12th out of Miami. Our first port was on Monday at Carnival's private island - Half Moon Cay. The water was absoultely beautiful - crystal clear and the sand was so powdery.
On Wednesday we were supposed to be in St. Thomas (which I was VERY excited about), however, God had other plans. We found out Tuesday morning that Hurricane Omar was headed towards San Juan, Puerto Rico and would be there Thursday - of course when we were supposed to be there. Well, St. Thomas is right next to San Juan so St. Thomas' port was closed. Our captain decided to head us towards the Western Caribbean - Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. I wasn't too excited about going to these places but at least we got in the same number of ports.

Our excursions consisted of hiking up Dunns River Falls and going down a bobsled (1 man roller coaster) in Jamaica. Hiking up the falls was one of the best things we have ever done.
We just shopped in Grand Cayman - which seemed like a nice island. In Cozumel we swam with the dolphins. This involved the dolphin pulling us in the water and then pushing us with her nose through the water. I have always wanted to do this and it was definitely a great experience!! Dolphins are such unique animals and it is a wierd feeling being in the water with them.
Here's Jason getting back on our boat (the one on the right) with all of our great deals from Mexico. These boats were huge!!

All in all our first cruise was wonderful - good food, hilarious karaoke and very relaxing!! Here are a few more pictures from our trip.
Don't you just love these towel animals they make for you in your room every night.

Look how windy it was one night - doesn't my hair look great :)
Here's my view for 2 of the days as I sat in the Caribbean sun.
With our golden Caribbean suntans....


Here's Brody saying his ABC's in the bathtub. Of course he is just repeating them but we have to start somewhere. Listen closely for his favorite letter - W.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Look

Well, Brody has developed a new look. He thinks it is hilarious.

TCA football

Last Tuesday, we took Brody to see Sara Lynn cheer & Tyler Ard play football for Trinity Christian. Sara Lynn & Tyler were our ring bearer & flower girl in our wedding so they are very close to us and Jenny Beth, their sister is named after me - Ahh!! Brody did very good at the game especially when he could eat his Snickers!

Sara Lynn doing what she loves...

Jenny Beth & Brody.

Don't you just love that grin...