My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

What better way to celebrate my birthday weekend, than with Opening Ceremonies for baseball on the 16th.  This year Brody moved up to Coach Pitch and is on the Braves.  Jason is Assistant Coach with Keith as Head Coach.  We have a lot of the same kids from the last 2 years and we are hoping for a great year (no tears)!

Off we went to Opening Ceremonies which in the past has not been too great.  Thank goodness this year was pretty good and the speaker was short and sweet!!  We were out of there in about an hour and back to the house to rest for a little while before our 3:00 game.  

Lined up for the ceremonies

We were out of there in about an hour and back to the house to rest for a little while before our 3:00 game.  

Brody was so excited when it came game time and he is so cute in his Braves uniform.  

 Having a little fun with the camera.

Time for brother

Getting ready for their game - bring on the eye black.

Team Braves all ready for a funfilled season of baseball.

 He played short stop for the first game and actually paid attention pretty well.  Since he has moved up this year to coach pitch, they actually have 3 outs so it makes the innings go a little faster and the kids don't "dream" too much while in the outfield.

Since Jason is assistant coach, he took his turn at pitching for this game.  We make this a family affair because I am dug out mom and keep 10 boys all in order while in the dugout.

So proud of Brody because his first time at bat, he hit it great and got to first.

Getting ready to run home from 3rd.

 So after the game, Coach Keith told them all to do pushups - which they all thought was funny.  Here comes Brody all done and ready for his snack.

We are off and ready for another baseball season.  I am hoping for a season with no tears!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy 37th (and holding)

Friday, March 15 I celebrated my 37th birthday.  WOW, I really can't be 37 because I don't feel it.  Oh well, my boys did treat me like a queen that day.  A couple of days prior to my special day, Trevor asked me what kind of birthday I was going to have, because you know for these boys everyone is supposed to have a theme birthday.  Well, Trevor informed me that I should have a princess birthday - I kind of agreed.

That morning I woke up to this and lots of balloons all over the floor.

Brody and Jason had gone shopping the night before so Brody was a little impatient and immediately brought in my birthday presents for me to open that morning.  I received new workout clothes - because I guess with me getting older I need to work out.  No really, I have started working out and needed a few new things.  I also received a new sling bag since mine was pretty gross after a week in Africa and I left it in the trash there.

The boys and I made homemade donuts for breakfast that morning and they were pretty good.  Thanks to my mother in law for the donut pan I received for Christmas - it made it much easier.

It was a planning day so no school for Brody.  What in the world for us to do that day?  Well I ended up putting their bikes in the back of the vehicle and drove up to Ewing Park.  The boys thought it was pretty cool and had a blast riding their bikes all around the park.  

That evening we all went out with my parents to Wasabi at Towne Center.  I love a Japanese Steakhouse, but Brody is usually not a big fan because of the fire.  He is crazy scared of it - weird I know, but we were hoping since it had been a year or so he would be better.  He said he wouldn't be scared.

Well, he immediately clammed up when we walked into the restaurant.  Thank goodness my dad sat next to him and talked him thru the whole thing.  He was so scared and ready to cry - REALLY??  He just couldn't understand that all you had to do was close your eyes and it would be fine.  

Once our fire part was over, he was fine and actually watched fire at other tables.  He even told me that the place was pretty cool and the next time we come he won't be scared at all - we shall see.

Thankfully we didn't buy Trevor anything because he only ate 2 bites of rice - can't believe this child - who doesn't like this food?

When we got home, Jason had brought home 6 large cupcakes he had picked up during his lunch for my "birthday cake".  Key Lime, Red Velvet, Turtle, Banana Split, Smores, and Chocolate.  I think the boys were more excited about them then me.

I had a great birthday and was treated like a queen!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

PE Day

Thursday, March 14 was Bring Your Parent to PE Day.  Brody was so excited because his daddy was going to be there.  I was going as well but mostly to take pictures.  They moved up the PE day to earlier in the year because it has usually been so hot.  Well, this was one of the coldest days EVER.  The kids were all bundled up.

Earlier in the week, each class had races during their PE class and the fastest 2 boys and the fastest 2 girls were selected to run either the one lap or 50 yard dash on PE Day.  Well, Brody was so excited that he was selected to run the 1 lap.  So, at 9:00 he lined up to run his race with the fastest from each of the other 9 Kindergarten classes.

They were off, but within 30 yards, Mrs. Bailey came over the mic and asked where they were going, but it was meant for this other group of boys who took off running.  Brody was in the lead but heard her and actually turned around and started coming back.  I felt so bad for him, but thankfully he didn't freak out and turned back around and kept running.

He ended up in 4th place and was very happy with it.

It was then time for the different relay races.  Brody was chosen for the sack race, ball over and kangaroo hop.  First up was the sack race.  He jumped to be the first in line and off he went - for 3 steps.

He then freaked out and stopped and it wasn't a pretty sight after that.  He decided he wasn't good at this and didn't want to continue.  This is very hard for Jason and I to deal with because we aren't quitters but Brody seems to be.  He and Jason then went to the sidewalk to have a little father son chat.  Thankfully after about 5 minutes he was ready to continue with his next race even though he was upset that "we" didn't let him have a turn with the sack race - he must learn consequences for his actions.

He had a blast with the other 2 races.

Kangaroo Hop

Over ball relay

The kids were having so much fun.

 Now it was the parents' turn.  One of the mom's pulled me out to do the sack race.  I'm not sure how Mrs. Proffit ended up with my camera, but she did.  Off I went, but I think I went a little too crazy

because after a few hops I went down.  Yes, I was the only parent who fell.  Nothing like going out with a bang.

Thankfully I didn't fall again and made it back safe and sound.

 Now, time for Jason.  Kindergarten parents vs 1st grade parents.  Sad to say we went down twice pretty quickly at that.

Of course Brody didn't want us to leave but he had to deal with it.  Despite the cold weather, the kids had a blast and Brody came home with a little face painting that afternoon.  I'm sure he won't be crying the next time he gets up to do a relay race.

Lunch at Joe's

On Sunday, March 10 our seniors wanted to go out to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  Now I am not a crab leg lover, but I'll eat seafood and I hear the place is pretty good.  We decided to take Brody with us and leave Trevor with Nini and Papa since Trevor doesn't eat much anyway.

The weather was great and thankfully we got right in.  The kids got a kick out of their crab bibs.

Everyone except 3 of us ate crabs so here is everyone with their crab bibs.

"King of Crabs"

Brody finally joined Jason in trying out the crab legs and he loved them, but there isn't much that Brody doesn't like.

Most of us even got dessert.  I wish Brody and I had gotten the Crabby Apple because I tasted Devin's and it was yummy.  I plan to try it out on my own.

Joe's is also known for making you do crazy things when you are celebrating something.  Of course it was mine and Randy's birthday that week and the kids didn't forget that so off we went for a little embarrassment.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My little runner

Since the beginning of Kindergarten, Brody has been involved with the Run/Walk Club at school and he has really enjoyed it.  They meet once a week and run/walk for as many laps as they can.  Brody usually does at least 5-10 laps which is 1-2 miles.  He really enjoys it, so when they had the opportunity to participate in the Jr. River Run in Jacksonville he was pretty excited.

When he woke up that Saturday morning, he actually didn't want to go, but thankfully his mind changed because I was pretty excited for him to be participating.  Now, Jason wasn't too thrilled about driving down there with all of these people because parking could be disastrous with 17,000 runners in the Gate River Run.  Thankfully, we found a parking spot pretty quickly and it was FREE!!  We were about 30 minutes early for his 11:00 1 mile run, but unfortunately we didn't find his school before the run.  

The race at 11:00 consisted of 9 and under boys.  Now, I wasn't dressed to run with him so I was hoping he would do this by himself even though he knew no one around him.  As the time got closer, I pushed him up to the front of the group where the boys were with no parents running.  He kept holding my hand and I kept explaining to him that I wasn't running this with him.  They said go and he was off.  I was a little nervous that he would get about half way and freak out that he was by himself.  

Well, within 5 minutes we saw a boy crossing the finish line - whoa that was fast - a mile in 5:03.  So we found a spot to watch for Brody - not really sure how much longer it would be for him.  Well, 3 minutes later here comes Brody trucking it.  As Trevor and I hollered his name and he saw us he ran even faster.

Trevor ran into one of the biggest dogs we had ever seen and since he is such a dog lover he had to stop and pet.

He crossed the finish line at 8:13.  We were so proud of him and I'm glad I didn't run with him because I would have slowed him down for sure.  He's the boy on the far right with the yellow shirt on.

Brody received a medal and a Jr River Run Finisher shirt.  He was so proud of his time and he had a lot of fun.

After his race, we waited around to watch Baylie and Mr. John cross the finish line.

Getting ready for their race - John and Baylie and Marianne and Laurianne.

Rounding the corner to the finish line.

All of the Run/Walk club kids who participated in the Jr River Run

Brody and Mrs. Bailey who heads up the Run/Walk club.  She is one of Brody's favorites.