My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Next weekend is the goal!!

Today was my weekly doctor's appointment and I am happy to report that I am 2 cm dilated. I thought that was pretty good progress from barely 1/2 cm last week. She said that I need to do lots of walking between now and next week's appointment. She also wasn't too concerned about the weight of the baby from last week's sonogram - 7 lbs 8 oz - although I was. But then again she doesn't want me to go to much past next week. I am hoping for a delivery on Friday next week. Just in case something happens this weekend, I stayed late at work today to try and tie up all loose ends. It definitely made me feel better, so I guess it's time to really clean the house and WALK, WALK , WALK to help get this baby out.

When I got back from the doctor's appointment, my work surprised me with a delicious chocolate and strawberry cake from the Cake Shop in San Marco and a VISA gift card to help with the stroller I want - Phil and Ted's double stroller. I looked everywhere for a non tank like double stroller but couldn't find anything I really liked until Jason's cousin informed us about the Phil and Ted's that she has and she absoutely loves. I can't wait to order it. What's really neat about it is that it is no bigger than a single stroller.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

36 Week Update

On Thursday, we went to the doctor and she measured me at 37 weeks and I'm about 1/2cm dilated already. I don't think much of the 1/2 cm dilated because you can be this for several weeks. However, I was in shock about the weight of the baby - 7 lbs 8 oz. They say the weight can be off 1 lb either way. However, they say I still have a few weeks left so the baby could be over 9 lbs. I am NOT very excited about that.

Since I just finished coordinating Shelly Wilkerson's wedding last night, I am ready to WALK WALK WALK to try and get this baby out. I'm not a fan of being induced so my goal is to have this baby by Aug 7. I have another appt this Thursday so we'll see if any progress has been made.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Shower

Last Saturday, Jason's cousin Kari and Aunt Chris gave me a baby shower. It was so sweet of them to want to do this for us. I know itt makes it difficult to buy things for a 2nd baby when you don't know the sex of the baby - you always need diapers and wipes, which we always are thankful for.

Pretty excited about Oxi Clean. Time to wash some of Brody's old clothes to get ready for the new baby.

This is the cutest thing - a diaper cake. Jason's cousin, Wendi made it for me. I don't want to take it apart it's so cute.

This is Kari who helped give me the shower and Tara's little boy Cale who is almost a year old now.

Nana, Brody and NiNi

Brody was so good during the shower. We really never saw him, he was playing with Kamren, Kari's youngest daughter, the whole time.

Progress is rolling

This past week has been a BUSY week with the progress of our addition, which of course makes me very excited. On Tuesday, the slab was finally finished. We dealt with a little rain but thank goodness it held off for the most part.

On Wed they started the framing and were finished by Thursday afternoon. I have never seen a group of people work so fast and efficient. Of course, Brody loved watching them put up his new playroom. We had 2 inspections this week and passed both of them - YEAH!!

Brody and Papa taking it all in.

The plan is for shingles to be put on Monday. Next week may be a little slow because we are waiting on our windows and doors to come in. Who knew that it would take 2 weeks for normal windows to come in - it's not like we ordered some custom made window or something. They should have this stuff in stock.

Even though not a lot of action may happen this upcoming week - it seems that I have been calling a lot of people lately getting them lined up and ready so we can move forward TRYING to get as much done before this baby comes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hatcher Family Reunion

A couple of weekends ago (sorry it's been so long since the last post), we had our annual Hatcher Family Reunion. This is my mom's mom side of the family. It's actually the only family reunion I go to and we go every year. Jason and I have only missed one in the past 15 years (we were on a mission trip to Africa). This was the 2nd year we had it in Pine Mountain, GA - usually it's in Albany, GA (where my grandmother and her 10 brothers and sisters grew up).
My parents and the 3 of us headed out on Thursday afternoon for the 6 hour drive. I couldn't believe all the stuff we had packed - the back of our SUV was FULL. We even had a portable potty seat just in case we were on a back road and Brody had to go. I guess I forgot that I would be needing to stop quite often as well so we didn't really need the seat.

Each family rents a house and we are all right there together, so it's a great time to catch up on what's been going on the past year. On Friday, we headed out to the Animal Safari there in Pine Mtn. There were 21 of us and we rented a 15 passenger open aired bus for us. We were PACKED in but it was a lot of fun. This safari is a 3 1/2 mile drive with all types of animals coming right up to the vehicle sticking their head in to get some food from you. There were elk, water buffalo, cows, steer, deer, pigs, and zebras. Brody wasn't too keen on the whole idea at the beginning which is why he sat in the middle. He didn't like the BIG animals with their long tongues. By the end he eventually fed a few animals - a zebra and a deer. They also have a petting zoo which we walked around afterwards and fed some of our leftover food to. There were bears, hyenas, lions, boars, and a talking bird. We were able to get closer to these animals then you can in our zoos. This animal safari was definitely one of the coolest things we had done.

The cozy van we all rode in.

Brody sitting in the middle because we knew he wouldn't be so wild about the animals in the beginning.
My cousin's husband - CRAZY!!!

Doesn't this tongue look great!! Just what you want touching you!

This is one HUGE water buffalo posing for a picture.

Finally Brody getting brave to feed a few animals.

This is the entrance to the petting zoo.

The smaller animals were more Brody's style.

On Saturday, we had our family meal at The Bulloch Restaurant in Warm Springs, GA. This is where the people who don't stay for the weekend just come and eat and are able to socialize with everyone for a little while. We had about 100 family members there, so it was a great time.

My Aunt Dee (mom's sister) and Uncle Billy (Uncle BB which is what Brody calls him), surprised us at the restaurant by showing up. We didn't know they were coming. It was a great surprise.
The 1st cousins - they come from GA, KY, and CA. It was great to have them all there.
This is Dillon, one of Brody's cousins, they are only 3 days apart so we get a picture of them together every year.

Always having to play golf.

Later that evening we went over to Butts Mill Farm near where we stayed. This is a outdoor fun zone for kids. Brody loved the swing and just being able to run around with total freedom. We left on Sunday for our 6 hour journey back. Thank goodness Brody slept about 2 hours of the trip back. It was a great weekend but exhausting!!

One tired pregnant girl.

4th celebration at the Aquatic Center

Sunday, July 5th, our church rented out the Aquatic Center in St. Mary's for a couple of hours that night. We met up with the Cruce's and the Adams's to eat at Sonny's before we got there. What a sight having 4 kids at a table. They all did great.

I wasn't sure how Brody would do because the last time we went he didn't care for the whole thing. I was hoping the having Baylie and Lance there would help him. It didn't. Jason took him up on the kid part but the timing wasn't great because the big bucket dumped on them. That ruined it for him. I think the bucket thing is a little overwhelming for some kids. He went down the slide a few times but really just wanted to go to the other side with the lazy river and the pool. He loved the lazy river and put his swimmies on and really enjoyed swimming around the river instead of being in a tube.

Can't you tell Brody didn't really want to be up there.

Brody and his cousin Macy.

Brody, Macy, and Baylie

I am very thankful our church did something like this. There were about 300 people there and it was a great time of fellowship.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

As the tradition goes, every 4th of July we head out to Jax beach to Jason's mom's and swim, eat, play, swim, eat, and head to fireworks at the beach that night. We of course didn't break tradition this year. It was a great time. Brody wasn't too keen on the idea of swimming at first - I think he was tired and hungry. He really loved the water guns and enjoyed trying to spray everyone. He of course kept saying I shoot you - so we tried to get him to say I squirt you. Just sounds better. It's amazing/sad how they learn the gun thing and the word shoot. Not sure where he got it from because Jason and I say nothing about it.

While Brody took his nap, everyone (except the pregnant girl) played water volleyball for about 2 hours. We then headed to the beach for fireworks. Brody didn't like them too much last year so we weren't sure how he would be this year. Well, of course he didn't like them this year either. Jason's cousin do their own firworks right on the beach in front of us and since it was high tide they were VERY close. Brody listened to some music to try and quiet the noise, but he mostly stayed snuggled with Nana. He even used the potty excuse to go inside. He didn't mind the city's fireworks way down the beach because they were just pretty and he couldn't hear them.

Shielding his face from the fireworks.

Brody and his 2 cousins.

All in all we had a great 4th of July and hopefully next year Brody will be a little better, but I guess we'll have another to be concerned with.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Friday, July 3rd, Jason and I had off from work so we decided to take Brody to the MOSH (Museum of Science History) because they have a Dinosaur exhibit going on. Brody loves dinosaurs so we thought he would love it. We started with the other exhibits and Brody would hit a button and then move on to the next thing. He just couldn't wait to see everything - I think it was the freedom he loved.

They have an area with live animals in cages so Brody loved that. Me on the other hand was not so happy about seeing the snakes. Brody went right up to the glass cage with the snake in it and gave it a kiss with the snake's head sitting right there. I'm just waiting on him to find a snake and bring it to me - I'll just die.

We made it to the 2nd floor with the dinosaurs and from afar he loved them. As soon as we walked up close to them it was a different story. They were roaring and moving so Brody wasn't all keen on the whole idea. Jason had to carry him through the exhibit and he surely didn't want to get too close.
Check him out trying to get away from the dinosaur.

On our way out, we let him play him the tree house play area and he of course loved that. His favorite part was the water area. The only way we could get him out of there was to tell him we would go see the river outside. We headed out to Friendship Fountain and let him look around.

It was a great day spending it with Jason and Brody. We had a great time and I love days like that.