My Family

My Family

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

School shopping time

While we were in St Augustine for the week, what a great time to take Brody school shopping at the outlet mall.  I had been telling Brody that with going to school we get to go and pick out new clothes AND new shoes.  This boys loves some shoes.

On Monday, mom and I took Brody to the outlet mall.  We left as soon as Trevor laid down for a nap so Papa had it easy for the afternoon.  Brody was pretty excited.

Our first stop was the Adidas outlet.  He quickly found a pair he liked and they passed mom and dad's (via a text photo) ok.

 As soon as he put the shoes on he was running around the shoe area to "test" them out.  He always things new shoes make him run faster.  About 2 hours later we finished up our school clothes shopping.  Brody did really well with all of the walking.

Oh yeah, he passed out pretty quick in the car on the way home.

On Tuesday afternoon it started raining so I thought it was a great time to head into town with Brody to buy up some school supplies.  I love school supplies and I was pretty sure Brody was going to have fun as well.  I was correct!!

Showing off all of his new finds to Jason and Nini.

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