My Family

My Family

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mommy School

With Brody being in school from 8 - 2, it is just me and Trevor at home now.  After I drop Brody off in the mornings, the first thing Trevor says is "It's just you and me".  So sweet, I just love this boy even though he is CRAZY!!!

Since he isn't going to preschool yet, I knew I was going to have to come up with something to occupy part of his time during the day while at the same time taking advantage of the little ready to learn mind.  I found some great stuff on Pinterest - wow at the blogs out there that are dedicated to teaching small kids all kinds of stuff.  My favorite blog is  Mommy School.  She put together packets of worksheets and other GREAT ideas to teach your child about each letter of the alphabet.

I had decided to start off teaching him a letter of the alphabet each week as well as a number.  Wow at the information and great ideas out there for this.  He was so excited to start "Mommy School" a couple of weeks ago.

Our first lesson "A is for Apple" where he colored several sheets with different things that start with A

He learned how to write the letter A on paper and via a bag of finger paint (so less messy)

We made an Apple Jack necklace

We put apples on a tree using our fingerprint.

We worked on an alligator puzzle

We learned how to write the number 1 and learned other numbers by using candy on numbered squares

We try to do something everyday, but of course we have a day here and there of fun where we go off and help mommy with errands :)  These are definitely days I will miss when he starts PreK next year.  It just doesn't seem right that he will be that old next year.  Bring on the tissues!!

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