My Family

My Family

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 3 of the crazy week

These guys work early, but seriously I don't blame them.  They started pounding away at 7AM everyday that week.  I was happy that progress was being made, but I sure wish I could have slept in a little especially on days that Brody didn't go to school (he played hooky one day)

Day 3 - the trusses were delivered.

Let me just say even though I contracted our addition 4 years ago, I am still learning LOTS!!

Little man was having a field day with all of this action going on.  This was about 9:30 in the morning. I turned around and he had his shirt off.  I asked him why he had his shirt off and he said "those guys have their's off" - meaning the construction workers.  Yeah, that's my child and yes that is Italian ice at 9:30 in the morning.  Whatever it takes!!

We also had a well dug on Wednesday.  

This was quite a show watching the huge crane put on the trusses that day.

 One of the construction guys asked my dad if he needed some popcorn to go with the show.

The progress for the week.  Lots done for the week which makes this contractor very happy.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let the building begin - CRAZY!!

So the evening of Mother's Day, my sweet husband and sweet daddy took down our garage door.  This was in preparation for the work that was to start the next day.

So, 7AM Monday, May 13 construction started.  I was so excited but at the same time a little nervous seeing that I was the contractor and had to make sure I had all my timing down.  It didn't take LFK Construction very long to get the walls up on the new garage and they realized they were missing the studs.

One thing I love about LFK Construction is there is no sitting around waiting, they decided to move on to starting the remodel of the old garage.  Well, slight problem here - I hadn't cleaned it out and wasn't prepared for that.

It wasn't quite this bad - I think the big blue/green ball was already deflated, but that's about all.  Boy I can't wait to have a nice clean garage soon!!

No big deal - 5 guys, plus my dad and I emptied out the garage in about 10 minutes.  Wow - that was fast.  It was definitely a whirlwind day.

Day 1 Progress

After 2 - I have a new laundry room and an extra half bath.

More updates coming soon.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

For the 2nd year in a row we went out to eat for Mother's Day.  We've tried the cooking at home before but as much as Jason and my dad try, there is still work I feel I have to do.  So this year we headed to River City to try and get a table at one of my favorites - Tijuana Flats.  Well, this place was crazy so we headed to ol' faithful - Zaxby's.  I'm not all about waiting in line for something like Olive Garden or Longhorn - I just want to eat and get home while spending time with my family - just as long as my mom and I don't have to cook.

Time for some pictures - 2 of the loves of my life.  Thank goodness the boys were willing (it may have been the threats) to take pictures.

They really wanted to take pictures with their sunglasses

Such love

My mom is one of the sweetest women I know.  She is so willing to do anything for anyone and has such a caring heart.  She is so vibrant and full of life, which we say Trevor is just like her.  She is the best and I am very thankful to have her right next door.

The other love of my life who helped make my Mother's Day so special.  He let me take the day off and took care of the boys with everything - even let me take a good long nap!!

All the sweet gifts from my kids.

The flower pot has Brody's handprint on it that he made at school. The flowers in a jar with candy are from Trevor.  He made sure to get some of that candy as well - we had to share.  There was also an envelope of money for me to go to the spa.

I had a great Mother's Day and I was very blessed to have spent it with people I love.

A random post

The latest craze in ball caps are these flat bill hats.  I nor Jason really like them and think they look ridiculous.  Even golfers are wearing them - mostly the young crowd.  As we walked around the Players Jason would sing one of the songs that Bubba Watson,  Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane & Hunter Mahan put out on you tube - Flat Bill.  Of course I had that song in my head all day.  Check out the video - it is too funny.

I kind of thought that my little Trevor might look kind of cute in one so the next week Trevor and I headed to the mall and I found one and had him try it on - Looking cute!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Players

Wednesday, May 8, Brody played hooky from school and Jason played hooky from work and the three of us went and spent the day at The Players golf tournament.  It was a practice round day and a day the players will give their autograph and take pictures.  Brody has gone out several times now and really enjoys it and I love taking him out there.  I wasn't sure how Trevor would do out there - he may have been running in the fairway, so we left him with my parents.

We got out there pretty early - around 8AM because Brody's favorite is Tiger (not mine at all) and we wanted to make sure he was able to see him.  I could have cared less to see him - what we do for our kids!!  We bought the 2013 flag for him to get autographs on and we were off to find some golfers.

We like to walk around the course instead of just staying up near the clubhouse and seeing everyone.  We usually find a spot between the green and the next hole and stand there.  We usually don't have a problem getting signatures unless people just don't want to sign - why in the world would that be - Tiger, Bubba and Rickie??

Brody really got into asking them for their signatures and we were able to get around 30 or more so he was pretty happy.  We stood and waited between the green and the next tee for Tiger and he walked right by but no acknowledgement whatsoever - just listened/talked to the guy next to him.  I had one pretty disappointed guy.

This also happened with Bubba and Rickie.  As they walked by they said "I'll sign when I'm done at 18."

Well, Brody really likes Bubba and remembered when he made like a 10 on one of the holes at The Masters, so we did walk up to the clubhouse to try and get his signature.  As we waited, Tiger was finishing 18 so we thought there might be a chance, but look at this mob and then he went the other way - figures since it avoids people.  Oh well.

Brody was still able to get some signatures while we stood near the clubhouse.

Tommy 2 Glove Gainey from The Big Break

Seung-Yul Noh

Brody patiently waiting for Bubba.

This was so cool because there were a ton of people wanting Bubba's autograph.  Bubba came over to our side since we strategically stood where we did because there were plants on the other side so he had to come to our side.  Well there were several people around us but Bubba looked up and reached for Brody's flag to sign - SCORE!!

We then headed to the back 9 again to try and get a few more signatures.  Brody was getting the hang of getting the signatures.  He would tell them all thank you and was very polite.  By the end he was going up by himself.  

Sometimes you have to walk with the golfer as they sign.  Brody walking with Matt Kuchar, 2012 Players Champion

Boo Weekley

Here is a little throwback to 2009 - Brody's first trip to The Players and his first picture with Boo Weekley

Justin Rose

Brody was able to get a few well known golfers even though I didn't get pictures with them - Sergio, which has a funny story.  Of course Sergio is pretty popular with the girls so it seems they come from all over for a picture with him.  So as all of these girls were standing around trying to get Sergio's signature, there stood Brody with his flag and Sergio saw him and stopped to sign it, paying no attention to the girls.  It's great to be a little kid!!

I love that Brody enjoys golf because it is one of the sweetest things to see he and Jason headed out to play golf.

Taking it all in

Our completely signed flag

Joe Daly even signed one of his golf balls and threw it to Brody.

At the end of the day we headed to the Kids Zone where there was a 9 hole putting area and a Game Zone truck.

While Jason and Brody played for about an hour in this thing, I relaxed under an umbrella (I may have dozed off a little too)

We left around 3:30, which made for a long day but it was a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure Brody enjoyed it more than going to school.