My Family

My Family

Monday, August 20, 2012

Arrgh, Matey - Trevor turns 3

For the past 4 or 5 months Trevor has wanted a pirate birthday and since it's in August, what better way to celebrate than at the pool.  

The pirate loot.  I had so much fun putting this table together.

Pirate pops - aka Cake pops

These were Cannon Balls, Pirate Planks, and Pirate Rope

My little pirate.  He loved this table with all of the goodies

Hamburgers and hotdogs grilled by my dad

Thanks to my Silhouette Cameo, the Happy Birthday banner came through great!!

The new addition to the pool - a little Jolly Roger raft complete with water gun.  Trevor AND Brody were pretty excited about the new boat.

Our happy little family!

 This picture cracked me up - Doug hanging out with the older folks.

The birthday boy with all of his loot.  He was so excited to open his presents - ok so what kid isn't.  However, I thought he did very well at taking his time and showing everyone what he got.  It was so cute.

See, look at the excitement - over a gift receipt.  Love this boy.

Showing everyone what he received.

Pirate John taking it all in

Ava and Baylie keeping together as the only girls hanging outside.

He was so cute when he opened this card from Aunt Dee - he immediately said DOLLARS!!!

A new bike from Jason and I.  Yeah, it doesn't have any wheels.  I have heard that it helps them learn to balance better and they are able to ride a bike without training wheels faster.  We'll see.

Time for cake.  He has waited a LONG time for this thing.  I saw a picture of this via pinterest and had it pinned for awhile.  I thought it would be pretty easy to make.  Let's just say I learned A LOT of lessons - however it wasn't that difficult I just would have done things differently.

All of the kids had so much fun swimming in the pool.

Here's what Brody had been waiting for all year - Mr John and Daddy swinging them into the water.  All of the kids loved it so much.

Into the water Trevor goes.

This was also a highlight of the party.  The kids loved floating around on this thing.

 As they floated along, all of a sudden the boat would go through some MAJOR waves aka the dads.  The kids laughed and laughed.

Happy Birthday to my little pirate.  He has brought such joy (and made me a little crazier) into our lives.

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