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My Family

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our last hoorah!!

So if I didn't have enough stuff going on with just finishing up Trevor's birthday, I decided to take the boys to Sea World the Monday before Brody started school.  Yeah, I know I was crazy, but I thought we could take advantage of our season passes.  So, my mom and I left with the boys around 7AM for a funfilled day at Sea World.

Thankfully the boys slept on the way down to Orlando - they are such good car sleepers.  We pulled into the parking lot at 9:30 and were off and going with all of the other people who thought to do the same thing.

Sea World has a new attraction - Turtle Trek, so I knew we had to do that so we headed that way.  First stopping at the dolphin pool - these are one of my favorite animals - maybe it's because I've swam with them a couple of times but they are they coolest animals.

Turtle Trek here we come - but first we had to wait about 20 minutes to get in.  Yeah, it was a little crowded, but thankfully the boys were doing ok with it.  Not too many meltdowns.  Turtle Trek is a 3D show where everyone stands in the middle of the room and watch the life of a baby turtle.  It was pretty cool and the boys enjoyed it.  It makes you think differently about the little turtle nests we see on the beach this time of year.

Waiting in line for Turtle Trek


While you wait in line there is an aquarium around you with manatee, fish and of course turtles.  Brody had a hold of my camera and was snapping like crazy.  Thank goodness for digital.

We only saw a couple of shows - because let's just face it - Trevor cannot sit still for too many shows.  Our first was Elmo goes on a treasure hunt.  Brody wasn't too excited about seeing it but he quickly showed signs he was enjoying it - AND it was cool inside.

I trip to SeaWorld isn't complete without the Shamu show.  We grabbed some ice cream and took our seats.  This show is just not the same as it was 3-5 years ago when the trainers would get in the water and swim with them.  Since the tragic accident a couple of years ago, they don't go in the water.  Well, the show wasn't really holding Trevor's attention but thankfully we made it through.

Finally off to the play area, which is what they had been waiting for the entire time.  I knew there was no way mom nor I could go up in those ropes this time so we just sat below and manned the exits as best we could.  After about 30 minutes, they had had enough and were ready to ride the Shamu rollercoaster.  I guess the heat was a little too much for them.

This was Trevor's first time on the rollercoaster and he loved it!

It was then about 3:00 so we decided to call it a day.  Thankfully they were ok with that and no tears to leave.

I had them wear their bathing suits because usually there is a water area open for them to play in, but it was closed for some reason.  However, we did see this little area with water coming out of the ground, so I let them get a little wet on our way out.

A trip to Orlando isn't complete without a stop at IKEA.  I just needed a couple of things and Trevor was pretty excited to be able to play in the playarea this time since he is potty trained.  This place is great.  You can drop your kids off in a very secured area and let them have so much fun, while you have some shopping fun.  Brody loves this place and asks a lot when can we go back to IKEA.  Love that boy!!

We finished up our trip with eating in the IKEA restaurant, which was very good and then headed home.  The boys were asleep pretty fast, they had a funfilled day on their last summer adventure!!

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