My Family

My Family

Friday, September 27, 2013

National Pirate Day

Last Thursday was National Pirate Day and I heard about Krispy Kreme giving away free donuts if you talked or dressed up like a pirate.  Well, of course my boys were all over that especially since they both have pirate costumes, so it took no effort.  They talked about doing this for days prior - Trevor kept asking when is Thursday coming?

Of course my little pirate couldn't quite make it all the way there so he took a little nap.

When we arrived I was quite shocked that it wasn't packed but there were definitely some "pirates" coming to get their free donuts.

The promotion was if you said "Arrgh" then you would get one free donut.  If you dressed up like a pirate then you would receive a dozen free donuts - bring on 2 dozen donuts!!  They checked out the donuts going by on the belt - unfortunately the HOT sign wasn't on but that was ok.

Even though we had 2 dozen free donuts, the decorated pirate donuts were eye candy for these boys so we bought 2 of them.

Yummy til the last bite.

We did share some of the donuts even though I did eat my fair share of them!!  They tasted even better since they were free!

Monday, September 23, 2013

The latest - via cell pics

Of course I don't always carry my big camera but thankful for a camera phone (which I always have with me).  Here's a little of what is going on in our lives lately via cell phone pics.

Everyday I pick up Brody's friend Bradyn from school and take him to his after care so we always have  3 boys.  This particular day Tyler was going home with us so we had a car full of BOYS!!

Some days we head to Dreamette for a special after school treat.

Trevor is so tired a lot of the days so he occasionally asks when we are in the pick up line "Mom, can I just close my eyes for a little while."
He loves to watch "daddy's" ipad while we eat lunch.

With Trevor's room remodel in place, we had to go buy a mattress since the crib mattress wasn't going to cut it.  He was so excited for his new bed.  He went up and told Mr. Matt (the owner of our local Badcock), that he wanted a new twin bed.

Miss Crista was there so she and Trevor had some deep conversations while I made the purchase.

 Last Tuesday was Celebration Freedom Day at Brody's school so I made a little treat for his class - chocolate covered oreos.  Tuesday happens to be the day I volunteer in Brody's class so it worked out perfectly.

They were pretty excited to eat their treats.  The Principal and Assistant Principal happened to be in the lunchroom when the treats were getting passed out and wanted a picture for their Facebook page.  Let me say these kids are a trip while I sit with them at lunch.  They talk non stop and all Brody wants to do is eat his Subway sandwich.

One evening last week we had dinner at my mom's.  Trevor actually ate every bit of his dinner and the last lick of his chocolate cake.

 The joy of boys.  We are trying to enjoy every minute of what we have left of daylight savings so playing / riding bikes is what was on the agenda that evening.

Last week was free breakfast week in the cafeteria.  Brody never goes in there in the morning, but he wanted to try it out one morning.  Nothing like a warm chocolate muffin to get him going for his day - this was his 2nd breakfast.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Garage is all done - almost

We finally were at the point that we were to paint the garage floor.  We purchased the paint way back in June and it has just been sitting there waiting to be used.  The biggest part of this task was getting the floor cleaned.  I knew we had to get this done at the beginning before the floor got too dirty.  We pulled everything out of the garage and put a tarp over it all since it would be there for a few days.

I rented this contraption to attach to the pressure washer to help speed up the cleaning process.  I thought I could do this all by myself while Jason was at work.  However, I couldn't get the wand off the pressure washer to attach the big brush, so thankfully Jason got off work a little early and came home to help.  We were able to get it all cleaned in about 2 hours and we were ready to get it painted the next evening.

Once the kids got in bed that night - a little before 8 that night - we got to the painting.  It actually happened to be a 3 person job.  I was in charge of the regular paint brush around the edges and throwing the flakes, dad did the main rolling and Jason was in charge of getting everything ready and making sure we had everything in place.  We had to work fast so the paint wouldn't dry up - so we had about 2 hours with each gallon.  We went through 3 gallons in 2 hours, so we were going pretty fast.

I am so happy with the finished product.

After a couple of coats of clear protection and 96 hours later, we were ready to bring some stuff in.  The first thing in the new garage was Jason's birthday/Father's Day present - his tool box

My car was so excited to get back in the garage.  There is so much room in it and the next thing on the agenda is to put all of our "stuff" back inside in some organized fashion.

I finally feel closure to this project!!

Ava's Birthday

Ava's 5th birthday was Thursday, September 5 and we celebrated her birthday on the next Saturday with a Mermaid "Under the Sea" party at her house.  The boys were very excited to celebrate with their friend.

They loved the new addition to the pool - Mr. Swan.  This thing was huge - almost as wide as the pool.  It was a blast for them to climb on and fall off.  We got a little worried about them getting too close to the edge.

Thankfully you couldn't get too trapped underneath.

They had a blast playing in the pool that day and watching their good friend celebrate her special day.  As the kids played in the pool, the moms sat by the pool and chatted and the dad's watched the college football games - a great day for all!!

Soccer days

Our Saturday's have been filled with soccer and thankfully it is going great.  Trevor is having a blast running all over the field.  I'm telling you he is one of the cutest soccer players ever.

This is his favorite move when anything goes great.  He is such a team player.

He loves running up and down the field, however we have had a couple of 10:30 games and they are a little hot.  Sometimes he doesn't mind sitting on the bench in the shade when it's someone's turn to play.

This is one of my favorite pictures - an action shot.  We are so excited to watch him play because he actually gets in the mix at times and tries to kick the ball.

Running hard to catch up.

Getting ready to kick

My roommate from college's sister lives in our town now - small world.  Her two kids play in the division up from Trevor.  I caught her daughter, who is Brody's age, checking out our game while taking a rest during her game.

Trevor has had some fans come and cheer him on - his cousin Macy and Chaly.  

Snack time is still one of his favorite parts of the game.

My time came around for snack time and I made these cute soccer cupcakes and Trevor LOVED them.

My little cute soccer player with a few minutes before a game for a few photos.

I am so glad he is having so much fun during this soccer season.  I really don't care that he hasn't made a goal - our goal is for him to have fun and at least get in there and try to kick the ball.