My Family

My Family

Friday, October 31, 2014

Disney Weekend - part 1

The boys were out of school on the Friday before Columbus Day so we decided to head to Disney World for a long weekend to celebrate Trevor growing to 44" and could now ride Space Mountain.  I think he asked everyday since his doctor appointment back in September when we were going to Disney World - someone was a little excited.  We didn't tell them we were going until about a week before and excitement filled the air in the Singley house.

The only hiccup was that Trevor decided to show his entire Kindergarten class what he had for breakfast that Thursday morning.  He had told me his stomach didn't feel that good once we arrived to school but I kind of blew it off because he didn't have a fever and I couldn't have him staying home and missing school just because I thought he had to go to the bathroom.   He looked pretty pitiful.  We made it down to the classroom and asked Mrs. Brown to see if he felt warm to her.  She said no and as soon as he turned back around to me, there it came.  Oh yeah!!  Mrs. Brown made the  quick decision for her and the class to go hang out in the cafeteria.  I felt so bad for not believing Trevor.  We got cleaned up as much as we could and of course went back home.

However, our plans were still on for Disney as soon as Jason got home from work.  Only a couple more episodes from Trevor that day and one being in the Deltona Chick Fil A bathroom (thankfully we made it to the toilet).  He looked so pitiful.  He still didn't have a fever so not really sure what was going on (he had the same type thing a week prior to this).

I had reserved fast passes for that night for Soarin' - just in case we had time.  Well, we did and Trevor actually said he felt ok and was ready to ride - yeah we were those parents but he didn't have a fever so we felt he was ok.

Thank goodness there were no episodes on that ride or for the rest of the weekend.  He didn't eat much that weekend though!!  We headed to our hotel - Caribbean Beach to rest up for a long day on Friday.  I highly recommend Caribbean Beach resort.  It is on property and is very clean.

Monday, October 27, 2014

First Field Trips

Yes, the title is plural.  Can you believe that both boys had their first field trips on the SAME day - October 7!!  That is a big deal for this mama but what was really bad is that I didn't even realize it until about 2 weeks before the big day (after I paid to be a chaperone for both).  Since it was Trevor's very FIRST field trip, I went with him.  Actually Brody was very fine with me not going with him.  Thankfully mom was able to go with him, which made him very happy!!

Trevor's trip was to the Children's Hands on Museum.

His first ride on a school bus.  Trevor and Ava were so excited to be able to ride the bus for the first time - what is it about those big yellow busses?

Getting their instructions on what they will be doing while they are there.

Best buddies

One of the first places Trevor and Ava went to was the grocery store.  I especially liked that it was a Winn Dixie since Jason works at the Corporate Office so we are big supporters of the grocery chain!!

Sara and Trevor doing some shopping.

This was one of the girls' dads and he was hilarious and the kids loved him.  He got right in there and acted like it was a real store and helped the kids ring up all of the groceries.  He even sent them on price checks, told them how much they saved, and how much in fuel perks they have.

Time for the bank - Stephanie was trying to get them to give her some money.  Speaking of Stephanie - she was due with baby Liam in 7 days from this point so kudos to this mom!!

The kids had so much fun running around and playing with everything for a couple of hours.  They definitely had adrenaline rush as they bounced from station to station for the first 30 minutes or so to make sure they saw everything.  The parents tried to stay with them for the first part but by the end you would see us looking around for our child and other parents were always willing to say if they had seen them - the beauty of a small town where you know so many people.

Lunch time but we only packed a couple of snacks because Stephanie and I decided to take the 2 of them to eat lunch at Moe's, which was a win win for both!!

Brody headed to UNF to walk the trails, which was right up mom's alley so it worked out great.

 With his favorite 2nd grade teacher - if only she would cheer for the right team - she is a Noles fan.  However, poor Brody can't get a winning season for his team but he still cheers "Go Gators" and keeps holding out for a teacher who likes the Gators.

This makes me extra glad that I chose the right field trip to go on because they saw 4 snakes that day and 3 of them were pigmy rattlers.  Mrs. Calhoun is a snake lover so she was having a blast.

What even makes this crazier is that later that afternoon, I receive a text from my dad saying he found and took care of a "friend" for me at the house today.  I said what???  Yeah, he saw this thing slithering in between our garage and house and went back to the house to grab his gun and got rid of it for me.  I HATE SNAKES and they ALL need to die.  Earlier in the day Mrs. Calhoun sent me a message saying that I missed out on a good field trip because of all the snakes.  Well, I told her I hate snakes and if I saw any at my house I would send them her way (she lives right across our field).  Well, who knew that my dad would find this at our house that day.

This was a 4 foot diamondback with 10 rattles.  We haven't seen any major snakes at our house the entire 13 years at our house so this was a little scary.  Needless to say I have been on edge since then.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Random September Happenings

Here are a few random things that happened during September.

We decided to have our 12th grade class over after a SNL and we had a great turnout.  A few pictures from playing Heads Up - a very fun game.  We laughed so hard and really got to know our new students for the year.

Morgan acting out "going up stairs"

Trevor was assigned during class to draw a picture for someone special and then Mrs. Brown would mail it.  This was a picture for PoPo, our neighbor.  Trevor loves him and I am pretty sure it is mutual.

At the beginning of September, I was able to take a "Me" day at the beach all by myself.

It was so nice to be able to just sit and read a book that I have had for a couple of years but have never made time to read - what a great book so far!!  The weather was a little warm (even in September), but it was very relaxing.

I decided it was time to convert Trevor's closet to an adjustable one.  He had the wire shelves and 3 hanging racks but they weren't adjustable so the shelves were too close together and his clothes were getting bigger.  Well, what started out as what I thought would be a Saturday project ended up to be a week or longer project.  I headed off on Saturday morning to get the new closet supplies and while I was gone Jason cleaned out the closet to start prepping.  Well, the old closet was put in with nails so sheetrock was ripped out in order to take those down.  This meant patch work was needed AND we had to paint the closet - GREAT!!

Trevor is so excited to be able to pick out his school shirts and see them all - or maybe it's really just me who is so excited with the new closet.

Trevor was W.O.W. aka Warrior of the Week the week of September 22 and he was so excited.

School pictures came in and I had to do a little time lapse but then I got pretty sad.

Trevor practiced his penmanship and learned why we don't write on clipboards that don't belong to him in class.

Both classes were studying apples so I thought apple cake pops would be a great way for them to celebrate!!

We are off to October - one of our busiest months!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Homecoming in a small town

On September 26, our hometown celebrated homecoming which is a HUGE deal - roads are closed and people line the streets a couple hours early to get a spot.  I know crazy right?  Well, Stephanie and I checked our kids out of school a couple of hours before the parade so we could grab lunch and hang out before the parade.

After lunch at McDonalds (along with all of Callahan it seemed) we hung out at her Nana's house and then would walk down the street to watch the parade.

Ava and Trevor made these tomahawks in class so the kids could show their school spirit.

The parade actually goes through the elementary parking lot so all the kids who aren't checked out get to watch the parade (but no candy is passed out).

Our mascot - Warriors.  Not sure what happened to our real Indian who rode a horse.  I guess we resorted to riding a golf cart :)

We had so much candy because there weren't a lot of kids where we were sitting so our 3 kids had full bags when the parade was done.

 Small Town, Big Dreams was the Homecoming theme.

On day's like this, it makes me happy to live in a small town.  There can be a lot of downfalls but being able to watch a homecoming parade where so many people are a part is a lot of fun and brings back a lot of memories from when I was part of the parade.