My Family

My Family

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We have bike riders

For about a month now we have had 2 very good bike riders.  Brody's training wheels were taken off back in August

but he never really got the hang of it and kind of stopped riding especially since he received a skate board and scooter for Christmas and his birthday.

So on February 5 something in Brody must have sparked because he became a riding machine.  Down and back on our road like it was no big deal.

He is so excited to be able to ride his bike with no issues now.  Now we have the occasional falls where Trevor comes running into the house to tell me that Brody has "fallen and can't get up".  Off I go outside to see how bad it is.  There are a few tears but nothing major so far - he is our drama king.

Now, Trevor received a little no pedal bike for his birthday back in August and had never really gotten the hang of it so didn't really ride it much.  I chose this type of bike because I have a friend who is big into bikes and said these are the best because it teaches them balance so they hopefully won't need training wheels and will move right into a regular bike.  I was beginning to doubt this and ready to get rid of it because he had nothing to do with it - UNTIL ONE DAY!!  Out of the blue he says "look mama what I can do" and he was riding all over the place on the little thing.  I was so proud as was he.

I'm thinking we may be able to go for some bike rides soon, as long as he can keep the thing straight.

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