My Family

My Family

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hi Ho It's off to Work we go

Monday morning we woke up with an alarm clock and not kids and headed off to grab breakfast and head to Ken's office.  The first thing on the agenda was to get the invitations ready to be sent out.  This consisted of addresses on the envelopes and stuffed.  We really thought it would be an easy task but of course there were a few glitches.  We realized this was God's way of telling us we needed to rely on Him more.

It's amazing how much things cost in NY - $125 to print 650 addresses on envelopes (the file was already ready to press print).  After some prayer, another local Christian organization allowed us to use their printer, so we spent half a day in their office.

While I worked on different databases for Ken, Tara updated his phone with contact information from ambassadors of 192 countries - quite a big task for a girl who doesn't have a smart phone but she did great.

We were also there to help with any other tasks he needed our help with.

We really had a great time helping Ken out.  I always feel bad for him when I go up there since he has so much administrative work that needs to be done but he doesn't have the time to do it.  I am very thankful our church is willing to send a team up there to help him out.  Ken has such a heart for these ambassadors and it is awesome way to reach the entire world.  Ken meets with an ambassador and the ambassador decides to follow Jesus and his life is changed.  The ambassador then heads back to his country and shares about His new relationship with Jesus and it then spreads.  WOW!!

While we were there, Ken had 3 awesome meetings with ambassadors - 1 being a muslim.  We could tell God was doing some awesome things at this time.  Prayers are always needed for Ken.  I am very thankful the church allows us to go on mission trips like this to offer a helping hand to Ken.

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