My Family

My Family

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bowling fun

After Brody's Upwards game on February 2, he and Jason headed out to play golf.  Brody has been begging to take out his new clubs and test them out.  This makes me so happy to see the 2 of them playing - it gives Jason an excuse to go and play.  They actually met up with Tyler and Austin and were able to play with them.  Brody was so excited to be able to play with them and even made a few wise cracks at Mr. Austin and him always being in the water :)  Of course no pictures since the mama paparazzi wasn't there :)

We then had some last minute bowling plans with the Henderson's that evening.  We put the kids on one lane and then the 4 adults were ready for some friendly competition.

Brody was really getting the hang of this game so he didn't want to use the ramp - he wanted to be a big boy.

Ava, Brody and Trevor's score for the first game

Now for the adults, we weren't so great.  It had been a very long time since Adam and Stephanie had bowled and about a year for Jason and I.  I really can't remember the scores but they really weren't remembering so that is ok.  All I know is that Jason won both times and Stephanie came in last for both games.  I did have a few strikes, but nothing too impressive.

I wish my bowling class in college had come in handy - but it never does - maybe because I made a C.  For girls we had to have a bowling average of 129 and we bowled 3 games every week.  That was tough.

 Now this wasn't for Jason's ball, but it was for one of the kids.  This is so not what Jason enjoys doing.

We had a very fun night and maybe next time our scores will be a little higher.

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