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My Family

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New York at night

After Tara and I worked all day we were pretty excited to venture out to the city to see what all we could get into.  Monday night we took the rest of our tour package with the night tour.  This was really great and took us over a bridge to Brooklyn and gave us a great Manhattan skyline view.  Yes, it was pretty cold, but we were thankful for our seats under the half enclosed part.

The other nights we did some sightseeing/shopping down 5th Ave and around Times Square - even in the rain one night.  We were determined to bring a few cool things back for our kids and maybe even a few things for ourselves :)

I had to walk into Tiffany's just to say that I did.  However, I had no idea the place was 6 stories, but we were lucky to see the largest diamond.

One of these trips I am determined to ice skate in Rockefeller Center.  I would have this time except that it was a little rainy that night.

Since Tara had never been to NY and it's one of the must do's we stood in the TKTS booth line to purchase Broadway tickets.  We weren't really picky - just something good.  The TKTS booth is a great way to buy cheap day of tickets - especially if you aren't set on a certain show.  Not all shows are available.  We had our top choices - Annie, Mary Poppins, or Mamma Mia  Well, as we stood in line and chatted with people around us about their show picks, we heard about Jersey Boys and everyone seemed to think it was a great show, so we added that to our show choices.  Until we heard the crazy theater guy behind us was going to try and get tickets to it as well.  We knew we would probably end up sitting right next to him so we chose Mary Poppins - didn't want to ruin our Broadway experience.

We ended up with 9th row seats - wow!!  This show was amazing.  There hasn't been a show I've ever seen that has been bad though.  It's just something about a Broadway show.  If you ever go to NY, it is definitely a must do!!

Also, on our to do list was to EAT!!  I love trying new places and Tara was up for anything as long as I planned it - oh my!!  I had done some research before our trip so I had a few places in mind.  Her one request was to eat NY pizza.

On the tour we passed a restaurant called Eataly and the tour guide said it was a great place to get true Italian food.  Well, we gave that a try Monday night.  The great thing about Tara and I was that we shared almost every meal which gave us the opportunity to try more places.  When you walk into Eataly you are greeted with little counters with all different types of food from Sorbet, mini Italian desserts, seafood, cheese, pasta and meat.  And all along the way you could purchase any type of Italian food you could imagine.  We weren't really sure where we could actually sit down and eat, but leave it to Tara to ask what in the world we were supposed to do.  Here is where we had our first true NY pizza - oh my goodness!!  It was some of the best stuff I had ever eaten.  We ate it like a true New Yorker.

The other nights we ate at Max Brenner's - a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory for adults.  The brown pipes you see are full of chocolate and the white thing on the right side of the picture is a huge vat of chocolate - it smells heavenly in this place.

This is the 3rd time I have been here and I don't think I will ever miss it.  We shared a burger so we could share this wonderful creation.

A little creation we did and text it to our husbands while we were away.

Our last meal was at John's Pizzeria.  It was so cold after standing in the TKTS booth line and we hadn't eaten lunch so we thought well we would go ahead and eat dinner.  This restaurant was in an old  church building so the detail was amazing and of course our pizza was great.

We had such a great time and made so many memories and of course I am ready to go back because I truly love this city.

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