My Family

My Family

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy 37th (and holding)

Friday, March 15 I celebrated my 37th birthday.  WOW, I really can't be 37 because I don't feel it.  Oh well, my boys did treat me like a queen that day.  A couple of days prior to my special day, Trevor asked me what kind of birthday I was going to have, because you know for these boys everyone is supposed to have a theme birthday.  Well, Trevor informed me that I should have a princess birthday - I kind of agreed.

That morning I woke up to this and lots of balloons all over the floor.

Brody and Jason had gone shopping the night before so Brody was a little impatient and immediately brought in my birthday presents for me to open that morning.  I received new workout clothes - because I guess with me getting older I need to work out.  No really, I have started working out and needed a few new things.  I also received a new sling bag since mine was pretty gross after a week in Africa and I left it in the trash there.

The boys and I made homemade donuts for breakfast that morning and they were pretty good.  Thanks to my mother in law for the donut pan I received for Christmas - it made it much easier.

It was a planning day so no school for Brody.  What in the world for us to do that day?  Well I ended up putting their bikes in the back of the vehicle and drove up to Ewing Park.  The boys thought it was pretty cool and had a blast riding their bikes all around the park.  

That evening we all went out with my parents to Wasabi at Towne Center.  I love a Japanese Steakhouse, but Brody is usually not a big fan because of the fire.  He is crazy scared of it - weird I know, but we were hoping since it had been a year or so he would be better.  He said he wouldn't be scared.

Well, he immediately clammed up when we walked into the restaurant.  Thank goodness my dad sat next to him and talked him thru the whole thing.  He was so scared and ready to cry - REALLY??  He just couldn't understand that all you had to do was close your eyes and it would be fine.  

Once our fire part was over, he was fine and actually watched fire at other tables.  He even told me that the place was pretty cool and the next time we come he won't be scared at all - we shall see.

Thankfully we didn't buy Trevor anything because he only ate 2 bites of rice - can't believe this child - who doesn't like this food?

When we got home, Jason had brought home 6 large cupcakes he had picked up during his lunch for my "birthday cake".  Key Lime, Red Velvet, Turtle, Banana Split, Smores, and Chocolate.  I think the boys were more excited about them then me.

I had a great birthday and was treated like a queen!!

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