My Family

My Family

Monday, March 25, 2013

PE Day

Thursday, March 14 was Bring Your Parent to PE Day.  Brody was so excited because his daddy was going to be there.  I was going as well but mostly to take pictures.  They moved up the PE day to earlier in the year because it has usually been so hot.  Well, this was one of the coldest days EVER.  The kids were all bundled up.

Earlier in the week, each class had races during their PE class and the fastest 2 boys and the fastest 2 girls were selected to run either the one lap or 50 yard dash on PE Day.  Well, Brody was so excited that he was selected to run the 1 lap.  So, at 9:00 he lined up to run his race with the fastest from each of the other 9 Kindergarten classes.

They were off, but within 30 yards, Mrs. Bailey came over the mic and asked where they were going, but it was meant for this other group of boys who took off running.  Brody was in the lead but heard her and actually turned around and started coming back.  I felt so bad for him, but thankfully he didn't freak out and turned back around and kept running.

He ended up in 4th place and was very happy with it.

It was then time for the different relay races.  Brody was chosen for the sack race, ball over and kangaroo hop.  First up was the sack race.  He jumped to be the first in line and off he went - for 3 steps.

He then freaked out and stopped and it wasn't a pretty sight after that.  He decided he wasn't good at this and didn't want to continue.  This is very hard for Jason and I to deal with because we aren't quitters but Brody seems to be.  He and Jason then went to the sidewalk to have a little father son chat.  Thankfully after about 5 minutes he was ready to continue with his next race even though he was upset that "we" didn't let him have a turn with the sack race - he must learn consequences for his actions.

He had a blast with the other 2 races.

Kangaroo Hop

Over ball relay

The kids were having so much fun.

 Now it was the parents' turn.  One of the mom's pulled me out to do the sack race.  I'm not sure how Mrs. Proffit ended up with my camera, but she did.  Off I went, but I think I went a little too crazy

because after a few hops I went down.  Yes, I was the only parent who fell.  Nothing like going out with a bang.

Thankfully I didn't fall again and made it back safe and sound.

 Now, time for Jason.  Kindergarten parents vs 1st grade parents.  Sad to say we went down twice pretty quickly at that.

Of course Brody didn't want us to leave but he had to deal with it.  Despite the cold weather, the kids had a blast and Brody came home with a little face painting that afternoon.  I'm sure he won't be crying the next time he gets up to do a relay race.

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