My Family

My Family

Friday, March 22, 2013

Baylie's 7th Birthday

On Friday, March 1 we headed into Jacksonville to Pump It Up for Baylie's 7th birthday party.  The boys were so excited that it was a bounce house party - I think they could bounce forever.  The party lasts for about 2 hours and you spend 45 minutes in each of the 2 rooms where there are at least 3 bounce contraptions - slides or bounce houses.  The great thing is that it is just your guests so you don't have to worry too much and the kids can't get out.

Brody and the birthday girl

After the kids were told how to act while on the slides, they were off and running.

Since the kids (big and small) were going so fast, some of these pictures are blurry but at least you can understand the fun they were all having.  Tucker and Trevor had so much fun.

OK, so this is John and Trevor.  John loved going down the slide with Trevor and of course Trevor loves "Uncle John"

So this is Brody, Molly, Baylie, Ava and John is underneath.  Oh yeah all of them came down together and were all smiles except for maybe John who might have taken a break after that one.

Grady and Brody playing a little air hockey.  It was a tight little game but Brody was ahead when the air cut off since they had reached the time limit.

The big kids even got in on the fun - Jason, John, Doug, Adam and Russell played a little bouncy basketball.

Time for some ice cream and cake with a little dance to go along with it.

Ava and Trevor were getting into the dancing.

"Finally my reward for all of the dancing"

All of the kids after a fun filled evening at Baylie's party.

After a quick stop at Moe's for dinner, the kids were out on the way home - nothing like a fun night of bouncing to put the kids to sleep.

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