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My Family

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The reveal - part 2

So Star Wars it is and of course Brody was so excited.  You would think I had plenty of gray color choices to choose from with just having painted the main room and hall gray - I actually went with a different gray.  Gray on the bottom and dark blue on the top of the chair rail because Brody wanted his room to be like space.  

Before painting, bring out the blue tape.  Boy was that a challenge around this built in shelf that Jason's dad built for Brody.  It is perfect for this space, but it took a lot of blue tape.

Here comes the painting.

He had big plans for a big ship and stars on the wall.  My goal was to try and make it a big surprise for him and have it all done over a weekend.  That didn't quite happen with the snag I ran into with the mural.  However, we were able to do a few surprises with each change we did.

Welcome to Brody's Galaxy

This was made with vinyl that I cut from my Silhouette.

The grand entrance

Someone is pretty excited with the huge Millennium Falcon

 I think this is one of my favorite spots.  I had seen this quote on Pinterest and it is perfect since Yoda is one of his favorites.  I cut out the saying with my Silhouette that I just love.  I bought Yoda though.  Yoda's light saber glows too - so that is a bonus.

He loved the glow in the dark stars all over his wall.

His new tooth fairy pillow

I made this frame from a cheap $5 frame from Hobby Lobby and mod podged some Yoda scrapbook paper on it - I loved how it turned out.  I have plans to do another one with some red scrapbook paper.

Here's the inspiration for the next project in his room.  I saw this cork/magnetic board at Pottery Barn, but they wanted $22 per square and I just knew I could make it for a whole lot cheaper.

I think mine cost about $8 total.

Here's what I did:
  • I already had the 4 cork boards
  • my dad had pieces of thin board to give the cork boards more stability
  • I bought the thin piece of metal for about $5 and glued it to a piece of my dad's board
  • I found the fabric at a local fabric store and stapled it to a couple of the cork boards
  • For the magnets I bought some glass beads from the Dollar Tree and printed some free clipart and glued it to the back of the bead as well as a magnet.

 The curtain rod is another big change.  I wanted something a little different than just the normal curtain rod.  I found a blog that had done something similar and I thought it was a great idea.  Here's the process:

  • An electric conduit pipe - you could also use actual plumbing pipe but it's pretty heavy so we went the lighter route
  • We then used plumbing flanges and elbows to create the corners.
  • I found some fabric at and had Mrs. Chris at our church make the valance 

I love how the curtain turned out - very industrial

The last piece was a custom sign that I actually purchased from  It has Brody's name with all kinds of Star Wars names.  He loves it and was the final piece that makes the room.

I love how the room turned out and I'm pretty sure Brody loves it as well.  Now it's probably time to get to work on Trevor's room

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