My Family

My Family

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Upwards continues

The second to last Upwards game was on February 16 and Brody was still very excited to be playing.  Today he would be guarding a girl who is very good.

The Sidekicks ready for some action

There are many great things about Upwards and not just they teach them about basketball but there is a little devotion time with each team before each of their games where the coach teaches them about Jesus and on the court we have someone share a devotion to all of the parents.  Also, there is a prayer time right before the game with the players, getting ready below.

Here are the buddies - Tucker and Trevor.  Tucker's brother, Tyler, plays on the Incredibles and it is always interesting to see Tucker and Trevor when they get together.

 Brody got a quick steal from his opponent #15

Brody never let up on his defense.  #15 crossed the line and he was ready for her and she wasn't getting a shot.  I am proud to say she didn't :)  I know I know it's Upwards and we won't everyone to shoot.

Check him out, right on her the whole time.  He is relentless.

For this game he received the white star, which is Christlike.  Only one more week of Upwards from this point.  He is actually already getting excited about baseball starting up soon :)

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