My Family

My Family

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There's a first time for everything

The Tuesday before Valentine's Day, Trevor and I headed out for our normal Tuesday routine - Pottery Barn Kids for story time and then a few errands - you know since we were already in town.

My cute little boy in his red skinny jeans.  I just love them on him.  He doesn't really know the difference, so I take advantage of the time.

Jason and I had talked about what we were going to do for Valentine's Day this year.  We normally cook dinner at home instead of going out to eat - a lot less crowded.  This year Jason thought to grill salmon and shrimp.  I really wanted to find a place to get fresh fish but I had never been to a seafood market.  After posting the question on facebook and ignoring the smart comments of the ocean I decided on Safe Harbor in the Mayport area.  This was all new to me, but hey I was up for an adventure and I'm sure Trevor would enjoy it.

When we arrived into the market - oh my at the smell, but I wouldn't think anything differently.  Trevor immediately spotted the huge fish for sale and thought it was pretty cool.

We decided on salmon and shrimp (without heads, thank you - worth the extra $2).

Before we left, we stopped and checked out the marina area with all of the huge birds.

We were all ready for our yummy Valentine's dinner in a couple of days - except I still had to peel the shrimp.

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