My Family

My Family

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lunch at Joe's

On Sunday, March 10 our seniors wanted to go out to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  Now I am not a crab leg lover, but I'll eat seafood and I hear the place is pretty good.  We decided to take Brody with us and leave Trevor with Nini and Papa since Trevor doesn't eat much anyway.

The weather was great and thankfully we got right in.  The kids got a kick out of their crab bibs.

Everyone except 3 of us ate crabs so here is everyone with their crab bibs.

"King of Crabs"

Brody finally joined Jason in trying out the crab legs and he loved them, but there isn't much that Brody doesn't like.

Most of us even got dessert.  I wish Brody and I had gotten the Crabby Apple because I tasted Devin's and it was yummy.  I plan to try it out on my own.

Joe's is also known for making you do crazy things when you are celebrating something.  Of course it was mine and Randy's birthday that week and the kids didn't forget that so off we went for a little embarrassment.

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