My Family

My Family

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

The boys woke up Valentine's morning to a bag full of goodies (Trevor kept looking for his "little" gift).

Yeah, this new X-Men book was read before he went to school that day.  I think he liked it.

Look at the sleepy little face.

Love the look on his face.

Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast - his favorite

 A present for Mrs. Proffit - a pencil bouquet.

"You're the write teacher for me"

We had to bring in cereal boxes for their valentines.  I was quite impressed with how he decorated the box with the hearts.

His class all working on their boxes.

The class had an ice cream sundae party and Brody definitely took advantage of all of the toppings.

So this year we went the Star Wars route (of course) for our Valentines.  May the Force Be With You with pixie sticks as light sabers.

Passing out his Valentine's.  He was so pretty excited.

Boy at all of the candy

Now I had to try and limit all of this sugar for the rest of the day - yeah that was a fun task.

The flowers Jason brought home for me.

Then our fresh seafood dinner with potatoes and broccoli.

We like very practical gifts for Valentine's gifts.  Jason received a new teal ping pong paddle and I received a new floor lamp for the main room.  Nothing sentimental for us - all practical but that's how we roll.

Thankfully we did get to go out just the two of us (thanks to my parents for keeping the boys) the next night.  We enjoyed a great meal at Mitchell's Fish Market with a great dessert.

The remains

Nothing like ending our date night at Dick's Sporting Goods to buy Brody baseball stuff.

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