My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Water Pinatas

What little boy doesn't enjoy water balloons so when I saw the idea of hanging water balloons to make them water pinatas - what a great idea for little boys.  They were so excited when they saw me filling them up with water.

I hung most of them from the playground and they took to swinging.

Trevor went first but had a hard time actually busting one, so I had him stand under one while I broke it - yeah he didn't like that to much.

Brody went next and boy did he have fun.  He was swinging away with the golf club and he ended up breaking all of them.  

 Here goes nothing - watch out pink balloon I'm coming for you.

Love it!!

They then moved to the trampoline with the last 2.  They tried everything to bust them.  I thought they would bust if they hit the trampoline so we played the toss and catch game but they didn't bust.

They then tried sitting on them and that was the key.

The boys had so much fun doing this so I'm sure we will be having some water balloon fights soon this summer.

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