My Family

My Family

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Dolly!

This was the second time I had ever been to Dollywood - the first being about 20 years ago so lots of things had changed.  There was so much to do and trying to coordinate 14 people around the park started out as a challenge but finally worked out.  Charleen, mom and I stayed in the kid area with 5 of the kids while Jeremy, Jason, dad, my cousin Jeff and his daughter Rachel headed off to ride the BIG rides.

I took the 2 little ones off to ride their rides which they loved.

Checking out their next ride

Since I was by myself with these 2, I had to ride the Lemon Cups - which is like the Teacups at Disney which if you are a reader of my blog you know I DO NOT LIKE these spinning things, but what I did for the kids.

One of Brody's favorite rides was River Battle.  This is where 8 people get on a river boat and squirt water at other boats.   Charleen and I were so hot we said we would take the kids on this ride.  What I didn't realize was that there were people on the sides spraying us with water.  This is where you really get wet.  I was pretty wet and so were the kids, but it definitely felt good.

While the big kids went to walk through some Adventure thing, the little kids did their own adventure.

 Here are the big kids.

Yes, my mom had to do this.  She was so excited.

Brody was not so sure about this part.

Love this picture.  He's not very happy about this.

He survived

Chaly was the only one who got a nap at the park.  This was at 7:00, she was done.

Since Chaly was in the stroller, Papa came through and let Trevor ride on his shoulders.

The injured Bald Eagles were being cared for with special attention

We arrived back to our condos and decided to just order pizza and let the kids swim in the pool - just a relaxing evening.

Here's my Aunt Yvonne, who is my Grandmother's sister.  Brody and Trevor call her Gan and they love her.  The funny thing is that she looks just like my Grandmother did.

Samantha and Trevor playing in the lazy river.

A beautiful sunset over the Smoky Mountains to end a great day.

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