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My Family

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Advantages of being a youth worker

Jason and I have worked in our youth department at our church for about 8 years now.  We currently help in our 12th grade boys and girls.  This is such an interesting age because they sometimes feel too cool to do some of the things that the 6th graders do but aren't quite ready to hit the real world (even though they think they are).  Most of them seem to really enjoy coming to our class because this is the first time since 6th grade that boys and girls are in the same Sunday School class.  We have had some years where they didn't really know each other and have become great friends.  I love how God works.

Jason and I are almost the only helpers that have small kids.  Sometimes this can be hard but most of the time our youth kids enjoy being around our kids and Bro. Todd is so cool in letting our kids join in on everything.  It's like they're part of the youth department.  

Last Sunday evening our church had a huge go out and invite everyone to our upcoming Vacation Bible School event.  Afterwards, the youth had a giant waterslide, basketball, cornhole and pizza event.  We were asked to "watch" the waterslide before everyone got there.  We told the boys we had a surprise but as we drove towards the church - they weren't too excited especially since we told them they had to sit in church for 2 hours (we love to kid them).  Well, as we arrived closer to the church they could see the HUGE waterslide and were so excited especially when they found out they could go down for a little while.

Brody was so excited to have the WHOLE slide to himself even though he wanted Trevor to join him.

Trevor didn't want much to do with the actual slide but he did like the pool area at the bottom.

Don't get too excited because Trevor just ran up part of the slide and slid down - that's how he rolls.

Once the big kids showed up, it was time for Brody and Trevor to come inside so they weren't trampled.

Time for some cornhole

And when Trevor wasn't playing hide and go seek around the gym he was playing with my phone.

Of course they loved the slide and were very sad that they didn't get to go play on it again.  However, they went and jumped in the pool at mom and dad's - that counts as a bath right?

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