My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sleeping buddies

Ever since the boys "tried" to sleep in the same bed back in April when we were in Orlando they have wanted to try it at home.  We told them they could try it again during the summer.  Well a couple of weeks ago we tried it again.  They were so excited to both sleep in Brody's bed.  Trevor thought he was such a big boy being able to sleep in a big boy bed.

Well, we put them in the bed around 9:30.  We knew they would talk and not go to bed for a little while.

However, they decided to laugh, giggle, hit and not go to sleep.  Trevor is our little instigator and just can't be still.  He loves to pick.  Brody must have gotten out of the bed about 12 times to tell us that Trevor was doing something.  We kept threatening them saying they if they can't keep their hands to themselves then they would sleep in separate beds.  This continued on for over an hour and finally Brody came out and said can we please put Trevor in his own bed and maybe they could sleep together after Trevor turns 3.

Well, Trevor wasn't too happy about that but Trevor just wasn't ready for this change.  He just had way too much fun.  We'll see if we try it again later.

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