My Family

My Family

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Father's Day - Vacation style

We woke up Sunday morning and had to pack up to go home.  Of course it was Father's Day and I really did feel bad that we were away from home and couldn't celebrate the right way for Jason as well as my dad.  But I tried to make the most of it.  I brought all of the cards from home that the boys had made and a couple of small gifts.  The boys were pretty excited to give Jason his gifts.

I had Brody fill out an All About Dad form and it was so cute to see his answers.  He had also created one at school, which I didn't know.  They had sent it home sealed with specific notes to not open until Father's Day.

For these 3 pictures, you would think it would take just a few minutes to capture but not my boys or my Trevor.  He was being especially difficult that day and this photo shoot took about 30 minutes with mosquitos trying to bite us - lots of fun but all for dad!!

Jason and my dad also received a bag of Reeses Pieces - something like this.

I was not looking forward to the over 9 hour drive home with 2 boys but off we went.  Since the boys weren't able to see much of the scenic drive on the way up, I really wanted them to see some of it on our way home.

After a few stops - grab n go at Burger King, gas, and pull over to let Trevor use the bathroom (thankful to have boys) we made it home around 7:30.  My parents had bought Jason a cake for his birthday the day before but we didn't have a chance to eat it so we had some when we arrived home (it wasn't very good).

I struggled with what to get Jason for his birthday/father's day.  Why is it so hard to come up with gifts for them?  Anyway, I finally decided on having Best Buy hook up his truck so he can play his iphone/ipod through the speakers.  Jason bought this for me last year for my birthday and I love it, so I thought this was the perfect combo gift.  I really wanted it to be a surprise so I'm thankful for Adam and Stephanie who drove his truck over to Best Buy for me while we were gone and had it installed.  Let me just say it was a little difficult trying to keep it all a secret and get it all coordinated.

Jason had no clue what I had done except that he noticed his truck was parked a little differently when we got home - I just tried to ignore it.  The only way I could think of to tell him was that I put 2 balloons inside his truck - 1 saying Happy Birthday and the other Happy Father's Day.  I just told him that I think I saw something in his truck.  I know pretty lame right?  I could have just let him find it in the morning, but I wanted to see his face when he saw it.

We had a very enjoyable trip but as always it was good to be home.

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