My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girls Night Out

Once a month (we would love to go more often) for the past several months I have been going off with 4 ladies for a girls' night out.  I am so thankful for a husband who encourages me to go and have fun and doesn't mind watching the boys.

We girls have had the best time.  What is so funny is that 4 of us have 2 boys each and the other girl doesn't have any kids.  Poor Cathy has to hear all of our funny and not so funny parent stories.   And we have some stories since we all have boys and we can all empathize with each other as well as help each other feel that we aren't alone with this crazy boy life.

I was the lucky one to drive this time so this is what my vehicle looks like with no car seats.  My car hasn't been this clean in awhile.

We are so desperate to go out we really don't care where we go or what we do as long as we don't have any kids with us we are happy.  Now don't get me wrong we all love our boys but we just need some girl time.  We have eaten Japanese, fondue, Italian, and this past time we ate Caribbean.

We ate at Bahama Breeze and it was pretty yummy.  After our great food and entertainment with Tara (she is always the life of our group - no telling what she will say), we headed out to get pedicures.  Our first stop, the sign on the door said closed but according to the time they should have been opened.  Maybe they could see our desperately needing toes and feet and said no way could they take us.  Oh well, we headed to a different place and they were more than willing to help our feet out.  They were closing in about 10 minutes but were so happy to help us out.

We had so much fun laughing and being pampered and boy were our feet thankful.

Our beautiful feet.

We ended our fun night with ice cream and Starbucks - now that's a great way to end the night!!!  My goal is usually to arrive home late enough so the boys are asleep - I failed this night and I actually walked back outside and told the girls we needed to go back out because we arrived home too early.

Love these girls and can't wait until we go off again - I think it's time!!

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  1. So which feet belong to you then? Matt UK